Long Luscious Locks


I’m all about saving money and being frugal, so when I find simple ways that can help me achieve what I want — well, I’m ecstatic. For a while now, I’ve been working on growing my hair out. That’s right I want natural, long luscious locks. It’s a long and slow process, but I’ve found some helpful hints along the way. Skip the expensive salon and even grocery store products and try these five simple life hacks for long luscious locks.

  1. Put down the ponytail — face it, your hair gets in the way. This can be especially true when it’s in those in between lengths, but the truth is that pulling your hair back into a ponytail can cause strain and damage hair. Breakage is one of the main inhibitors to growing your hair long. Don’t panic, I’m not saying that you cannot pull your hair back at all. Instead of tight ponytails try loosely wrapping the hair tie around your mane (maybe two instead of three times), opt for a bun, use bobby pins, or opt for a fashionable braid instead.
  2. Unplug — just like our phones are to our social lives, our straighteners, curling irons and hairdryers are to our hair — they are damaging. The more you use heat, the more you damage your hair. If you have to dry your hair try opting for a lower temperature, or use a nourishing natural oil to seal in moisture. Personally, I shower before bed and give my hair time to dry before laying it down on the pillow.
  3. Chill with the shampoo — just like your favorite pair of yoga pants, washing your hair everyday can be detrimental. Shampoo, especially those filled with chemicals, strip your hair of its natural oils, drying it out and irritating your scalp. This is a huge contributor to your hair woes. Try switching it up and washing it every other day, and then every three days (when you aren’t working out). On the off days try a braid or style that doesn’t require much fuss.
  4. Go natural — forget the products that are over complicated, over processed and over priced. Grab yourself some coconut oil and massage a generous portion into your hair and scalp — this will help clarify and nourish both hair and scalp. Clarifying your scalp is beneficial because your hair is only as healthy as its roots. Massage the oil from the scalp down to the tips to help moisturize and prevent breakage. Wash the oil out after 30 minutes, or opt for a smaller amount and more frequent applications. Many have forgone shampoo and condition and only use coconut oil.
  5. You are what you eat — the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, are vital for hair and nail health as well. Getting a well balanced diet can sometimes be tough so finding a good multi-vitamin is important. For me, this is the hardest part to implement because its a daily task. Drinking lots of water is also vital when it comes to keeping your nails, hair and scalp moisturized.