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Colors have a direct impact on our moods. Just think about Seasonal Effective Disorder and how now we, as a society, are recognizing the impact that Winter — or more specifically, a lack of color can have on our moods. But why is this? Why are we so affected by color? Could it have something to do with our bodies’ energy? Stick with us here, we’ve all heard about chakras — the spinning energy centers in our bodies. Each chakra has a specific color associated with it. When our moods shift, it could be because our energy is out of harmony, and if this connection is true, then we can utilize color therapy to bring it back into harmony. But how? How can we harness the colors of our chakras to shift our moods?

I have searched and searched, and found an amazing solution. Rainbow OPTX has created the perfect solution. Recognizing that the optic nerve is the most powerful out of all of our bodies’ sensory inputs, Rainbow OPTX has created Chakra Therapy Glasses. Rainbow OPTX has designed their chakra therapy glasses to not only be the exact shades that you need, but they are quite stylish as well! Pop a pair of these babies on and enjoy 30 minutes of color vision. See the world in a new light and alter your mood! We try all kinds of methods to change our moods from music to aromatherapy — maybe we have been focused on the wrong senses…until now. You can brighten your day while you drive to work with Rainbow OPTX’s awesome chakra therapy glasses. Better yet, pair these shades, with the right choice of music and the appropriate aroma and you are prepared for one tectonic mood shift.

With all of the colors of the chakras these glasses really do come in a rainbow of options. We can’t believe at how well they work to uplift your spirit and change your mood — preparing you for whatever the world can throw at you during the day. We keep finding additional reasons to wear all of the different colors. The glasses are specifically designed not to keep out the suns rays, but to color or tint them. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing, so these glasses are UV protective! The benefits do not stop there! They can also help increase definition in your visibility on days when the light is low. When the seasons change here in the ‘Burgh, we get a lot of fog. Driving to work in fog is not the most exciting thing, especially if you are still trying to wake up. We immediately reached for a pair of the orange, yellow and rose colored shades as they brighten the dreary day and increase your visibility. We may bust these babies out on our future mountain biking excursions as well! They say seeing is believing — so get over to their website and get yourself a pair!


Originally published at www.gypsywonders.com on September 8, 2015.