How to Stop Bullshitting With Yourself

Speaks for itself

Consider this.

How many times do you catch yourself scrolling, reading the debts of the “How to” section of Google, flooding your brain with information till your eyes bleed.

How many times do you say, tomorrow, I’m going to start doing ____?

I believe it was the great Shia LaBeouf that said:






STOP: Watching gifs on how to make Chicken Teriyaki

START: Write down the check fucking checklist and get Crackin!

STOP: Reading Articles on how to talk to the opposite sex

START: Talking!

STOP: Telling yourself you are going to get your shit together later in the semester

START: Collecting notes possible START studying and bring your ass back to a C+ from a D-.

STOP: Thinking about going on a diet

START: Try a diet / exercise routine and get started.

When you tell yourself that you are going to make a change, and don’t take an action towards it, you remain in the same peasant realm you where in before.

You are still the same talentless, single, fat, failure you where yesterday.

Your efforts are focused in the wrong places.

Want to win that last game of CoD? You put your best efforts forward and win the match.

Want to have that late night PB&J Sandwitch at 9:00PM? Go to the fridge and make it.

Want to have another shot of fireball even though the nights coming to a close? You get another shot.

Why aren’t you focusing on the right things instead of the wrong things?


I find that the biggest problem most people have with making changes like this,

Is that they over think. They go over why they should do this, and do that, but why not this, why not this and the cycle repeats and they stay exactly where they are.


STOP thinking of the reasons why you should quit your shit job as a bartender and become a animal colonoscopy doctor.

STOP thinking about why you should quit drinking and smoking, but everyone around you does it, and it feels good.

What’s the worst that could happen? You stay in the same place?


Steven Blass ( — Top player for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1960s. He was such a good pitcher he made it to the National All-Start League? This guy had a career for over 10 years.

One day, he couldn’t throw the ball to save his life. People tried to work with him for years and eventually he just gave up the sport.

Years later another baseball player came down with the same ailment now known as Steven Blass Disease.

His coach was blaming the shoulder surgery this player had for the terrible performance. Yet the player admitted that the problem was a psychological one. The player saw countless therapists that told him

“Be mindful of the ball.”

“Feel the ball in your hands.”

“Imagine yourself, catching and releasing the ball.”

None of it worked.

Till one day a therapist came around that simply started playing catch with him. In no time, the player was back on his feet and an MVP once more.

The secret? The therapist told him to STOP GIVING A SHIT ABOUT THIS BALL. JUST CATCH IT, THROW IT, STOP THINKING AND JUST DO IT. Make it second nature and everything will follow.

“Make it second nature and everything else will follow”

Think about it…