Masturbate for Productivity

It’s a calm Wednesday morning, and today YOU WILL BE PRODUCTIVE. You devoted this day to be the day you sit your ass down and start that paper on the down fall of modern society.

Now its about 2:00 PM aaand… You’re heavily engaged into your YouTube binge on will it blend…. Basically its going well…

Then comes the next video, but you stumble upon and advertisement which starts this vicious cycle:

“Here comes the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, just look at those moves”

You know where this is going…

For most, this is the beginning of the end. What follows is you searching the deep web for the vast majority of Hentai, MILF Midget Porn until you relieve yourself of the sexual tension.

Its now 5:00 PM and you know that paper is due. HOWEVER, “I’ll get started later” is the go to move after a good Jerk session eh?? I mean common, who after choking the snake wants to start writing their paper?

Back to YouTube.

You look at the time, 9:00PM … “Ah fuck it, I'll start tomorrow.”

Tomorrow comes along:

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people the are as productive if not more productive after masturbating, however its not the case for most people.

Masterbating releases a dopamine and hormones to your brain that says you’ve officially reproduced and did what your body was made to do. There for your body feels accomplished and you don’t want to do shit…

Its also the same reason people start getting that feeling of instant regret once they orgasm. You’ve accomplished nothing, yet your body is getting all of these feelings, causing you to feel disgusted with yourself.

Try This:

Think of masturbation as a reward rather than just an activity you enjoy.

Think of 3 things you can do today that will move you forward in your family life, chores, education, work etc. Now once you complete these tasks, and ONLY after you complete them, do you get to fully enjoy yourself in what ever way you like.

Your face when you finish everything….

Just one more way in making a better, more productive, (Less Sticky) You!