Increasing Go errors informativeness by adding a stack trace and displaying source fragments

Golang error stack trace with source displayed.
  1. Adds stack trace to error.
  2. Displays source fragments of stack trace (it’s possible if source code exists in runtime environment).

Adding a stack trace to error

// Create a new one.
err := tracerr.New("some error")
// The same with Errorf, which works the same way as fmt.Errorf.
err := tracerr.Errorf("some error %d", num)
// Or wrap an existent error.
err = tracerr.Wrap(err)
func decodeFile(path string, data interface{}) error {
b, err := ioutil.ReadFile(path)
if err != nil {
return tracerr.Wrap(err)
err = json.Unmarshal(b, data)
// You can safely wrap nil, it will be kept as nil.
return tracerr.Wrap(err)

Displaying a stack trace

// Display error message and a stack trace.
// Display error message, stack trace and source code fragments (6 lines by default).
// The same, but in colour, which is more informative.
// You can set up how many lines of source code
// you want to be displayed by passing an additional argument.
tracerr.PrintSource(err, 9)
tracerr.PrintSourceColor(err, 9)
// Or pass 2 additional arguments in order to set up
// how many lines of code to display before and after traced line.
tracerr.PrintSource(err, 5, 2)
tracerr.PrintSourceColor(err, 5, 2)





Software Engineer, Go fan

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Anton G

Anton G

Software Engineer, Go fan

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