Dear Client,

Doesn’t it look simple, how we come up with your product? You have an idea of how the app will function, how people will use it. You explain the grand picture and how things will work as you imagine. We get exactly what you mean, and we make the magic.

We get it. It is not that you cannot do the work yourself. It would just take you an inordinate amount of time, hence you are paying us to get it up faster, because we are the expert, we do it for a living.

Every step and every function is so intuitive. From your decade long experience, things work as such. So we just need to digitalise each component, put them together, and voila! A streamlined process!

So we got down to the grind. You run through the processes in your head once more, just to make sure it flows correctly. Indeed, it is not too hard a challenge. It should be up in no time.

[Insert disagreements and discontentment with the slow and inefficient product development] You insist, it should be up a whole lot faster.

Some time later, you see the finished product. It is “exactly” how you pictured it to be, and how you thought it would work.

See, it is not so difficult after all. You knew it could be done and this shows that you are right after all. You grumble a little about how things were not up to expectations, it could be faster and better, but you will make do with what we have, for now.

Photo by Aaron Burden, Unsplash.

Do you know exactly the work that goes in to making your imagination a reality? Do you know that what comes across as intuitive and obvious, was created with careful consideration and much deliberation so that it can look simple to you?

Navigating on an intuitive capacitative touch screen. Driving down the highway on a car. Grabbing that curvy bottle of cola. Paying for your meals with a tap of a card. These obvious and mindless experiences were not crafted with mere imagination.

To the creators, the designers, and the realists who put in a thousand hours of work just to make a minute-long experience seem obvious, thank you.