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Out Of Sight, Right In Mind

Wading through the staccatos of life

The first thought when I wake;
The reflection when brushing my teeth;
That morning cup of coffee.

The sight I wished behind those lift doors;
The space beside on the commute;
The greener grass when the boss rattles on.

The temporal relief when the clock strikes 6;
The silence of the night;
The last thought before drifting to lala land.

There are few things that would consume you as much throughout the day — not necessarily in a bad way but in a sense of a blind devotion. Let these thoughts flow, and be aware of them.

They are your desires. They are your dreams. They are your ideals.

Now, you can do absolutely nothing, or you can go all out to pursue your dreams — there isn’t a right or a wrong, just a do or not.

Who knows what the future holds?

Take a chance and find out, if you ever feel bold.