The Start of an Expired Relationship

Amidst the throngs of unfamiliar faces, the only recognizable trait was the joy on everyone’s faces. Parents, friends, and fresh graduates alike, it was all excitement and laughter.

That was me last year. Commencement.

Now graduated into the harsh realities of life, I was there to wish my juniors a new start to their lives, and partly for the free food that followed.

A distance away, an alluring figure cut across the crowd. Donned in a white floral dress, she stood silently at a side, trying her best to mask her radiance and blend into her surrounding.

As I weaved through in her direction, our glances met. I couldn’t help but break into a smile and feel a warm fuzziness crawl across my body.

Was it the warmth of seeing an old friend? Was it her sheepish and innocent smile? Have I been drawn to her beauty? I couldn’t quite explain my racing heart.

We barely greeted and exchanged superficial updates on our lives, when we waved goodbye and got on with finding our freshly graduated friends.

I wanted so much to talk to her more, but I didn’t. I wanted to tell her how amazing she looked, but I didn’t. And we parted.

It was a lonely lunch that afternoon. Well, it was much like any other afternoons, only with that episode fresh in my head. Thoughts of the serendipitous encounter lingered.

Then, a familiar figure walked into the restaurant. A shy smile. A clueless innocence. An angelic figure. A white floral dress.

I was in love.

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