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I’m hesitating about publishing this post because I can’t imagine the repercussions of sharing a half-baked project that’s far from complete, much less publicising it. But in the name of experiments, here goes nothing.

The project started on 2 April 2021 and is expected to complete on 5 May 2021. This story will be updated weekly to share the progress I’ve made on the artwork or with ideas of how to engineer the social value of the NFT.

The Background And Idea Of The NFT Art Project

I’ve jumped into crypto and have been writing about it since 2017. While drafting up an article titled

No, I don’t. Here’s why.

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The most recent surge in DOGE’s prices has gotten the crypto camp divided, and here’s how the arguments are breaking out.

On the anti-DOGE faction are the seasoned veterans who have been through past cycles (crypto or otherwise) and believe this one is no different i.e. it’s not going to end well. The pro-DOGE people on the other hand are more diverse, ranging from people who’ve dumped small amounts as a speculative investment (or gamble) to fervent believers who believe that DOGE will be the currency of the future.

While the fierce tussle goes on with the anti-DOGE trying to…

Investigating the demand and quasi-supply, and how they can influence prices on the crypto market

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In the past months, I’ve taken a bearish view of the crypto market, which most certainly wasn’t a good move on hindsight. Nevertheless, it has driven me to read more about the space and examine what exactly I’m missing.

There has been an issue about liquidity that not many people are talking about but do check out this article by Ben Lilly. It’s really detailed and backed with quantitative evidence, which I’m too lazy to dig out to substantiate my points. …

And why it’s probably distracting you from the bigger picture

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Have you noticed how the recent media coverage on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies almost always talk about how mining Bitcoin is bad for the environment? It’s the same rhetoric — how Bitcoin might be legit after all, along with all the benefits of decentralisation, immutability, and what not, BUT… There is always the BUT.

Look into the DeFi or NFT articles, they will also put up the same negative arguments. While I’m not trying to dismiss the merits of the argument, I’d like to point out that this consideration, this reasoning, this subject matter is so yesterday — just ask anyone…

Hi Todd, thank you for the response. Indeed, on hindsight, this might seem like "bad advice" considering that the market continued higher, and you have every right to point out that I am wrong thus far. If anything, I wished you had chanced upon the article earlier to challenge it before the market moved.

Yet, if the message comes across as second guessing and thinking twice before getting into Bitcoin, I hope it continues to do so for any person who is wanting to get into cryptocurrencies. FYI, I've also been building a bullish case since sub $5,000 BTC and…

What you should know about the ongoing crypto bull run

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Have you heard about wrapped Bitcoins (wBTC)?

It’s a beautiful marriage of the hard value of Bitcoin with the smart contracts of Ethereum. The project, which was officially launched on 30 January 2019, brings the power of smart contracts to Bitcoin, by tokenizing it as an ERC20 token.

In layman terms, if you own a BTC, you can store it with a custodial service, who will then issue you with a wBTC. You can then lend the wBTC out for different projects, which generates an interest for you. …

The rise of the next big social media platform

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I remember the early excitement of getting on Facebook.

Poking and Superpoking each other felt like the annoying Nudges you’d send each other on MSN Messenger. The ease of connecting with old friends meant that we will always be in touch (or so we thought), and that felt like a Godsend when we were bidding one farewell after another upon graduation.

How about the Friendversary videos? Or when Facebook first introduced tagging recommendations on uploaded photos — it felt incredulously intuitive and smart. Of course, the tagging function would trigger privacy concerns in today’s context, but I digress. …

What I learnt from being bullish amidst a bear market and being bearish on a bull run

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The current crypto bull cycle started around the middle of 2020, and when BTC and ETH were near their all-time highs, I started to take on a bearish view. With BTC and ETH at unprecedented prices (over $50,000, and almost $2,000 respectively), I now look like a fool to be a bear and to have sold my crypto holdings way earlier.

On hindsight, I could have at least doubled or tripled what little amount I have. And what seemed like a ridiculous target a couple of months ago, of $100,000 BTC and $2,500 ETH, now seems more plausible than before.

Rule #4: Don’t fall in love with your favourite crypto

Photo by Riaan Myburgh, Unsplash.

The past couple of months has been huge for cryptocurrencies — not in adoption or development but in price surges. At the time of writing, BTC has rejected off $35,000 while ETH inches towards $1,000.

Many people, new and old, have jumped onboard the crypto train, on beliefs that institutions have gotten into the game. Indeed, it’s a good time to be chasing riches; regardless what assets you might be dabbling in, it just seems infallible.

Without explaining…

A word of caution to those swooned by the big gains and “mass adoption” of cryptocurrencies

Photo by Harrison Kugler, Unsplash.

If you’ve been following the rally on the equity markets or technology stocks, chances are, you might have noted how cryptocurrency prices have also surged in recent weeks. Bitcoin (BTC) has surged over 400% since March and is near its all-time highs while Ethereum (ETH) and many altcoins have also seen hundreds of percent gains (if not more).

Besides these big numbers that are luring you in, the media is too, with big names like PayPal, Square,and JPMorgan publicly declaring their moves into the space. …


I write to clear my mind – with topics from crypto investing and trading, to marketing, and life.

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