Rule #4: Don’t fall in love with your favourite crypto

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The past couple of months has been huge for cryptocurrencies — not in adoption or development but in price surges. At the time of writing, BTC has rejected off $35,000 while ETH inches towards $1,000.

Many people, new and old, have jumped onboard the crypto train, on beliefs that institutions have gotten into the game. Indeed, it’s a good time to be chasing riches; regardless what assets you might be dabbling in, it just seems infallible.

Without explaining why I’m bullish about crypto in the long run (you can find it in this article), I’m here to warn you that it WILL crash. To be honest, no one can be absolutely sure, so take my view loosely — I wasn’t even entirely convinced about this bull run when I spotted the potential last March but look where we are.

A word of caution to those swooned by the big gains and “mass adoption” of cryptocurrencies

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Photo by Harrison Kugler, Unsplash.

If you’ve been following the rally on the equity markets or technology stocks, chances are, you might have noted how cryptocurrency prices have also surged in recent weeks. Bitcoin (BTC) has surged over 400% since March and is near its all-time highs while Ethereum (ETH) and many altcoins have also seen hundreds of percent gains (if not more).

Besides these big numbers that are luring you in, the media is too, with big names like PayPal, Square,and JPMorgan publicly declaring their moves into the space. …

Looking deeper into this conventional investment mindset

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Photo by Edward Howell, Unsplash.

Recently, I’ve been telling some of my friends who are woke investors to err on the side of caution — “Sell some of your equities, or at the least, stop buying more equities because there are limited upsides for the risk you are bearing.” To which, I’ve frequently gotten the reply that “It’s time in the market, not timing the market”. They’ve chosen this regular averaging-in methods because it’s a time-tested strategy that has proven effective over the past decades.

Indeed, with US equities breaking all-time highs, I look like the fool who stayed out of the market. That blip in March 2020 was just a temporary COVID-19 scare that gave fantastic buying in opportunities, which if presented with a “20% to 30% discount” again, I’m sure many of the savvy investors would be swooping in. …

Take a cue from your customers

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Photo by Magnus Olsson, Unsplash,

Content marketing has been the buzz, especially when businesses are forced to go digital. Yet, it’s such a complicated subject because while technology today has allowed anyone to create content easily, it’s also become even more difficult for your content to stand out.

So what exactly constitutes content? Where should you be posting and how often should you be uploading new posts? What content should you create?

Most people create content either from a business-driven need where they decide what they want to say. …

What you think you know about content marketing may not be that accurate

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Many marketers today speak about the wonders of content marketing. It’s an organic method that has many benefits for your business:

  • Branding — Good content influences brand perception
  • Thought leadership — It shows your expertise in the industry
  • SEO — It helps your website rank for keywords
  • Marketing — It helps to sell your services or products

They will go on to tell you about the whole variety of content (blog articles and social media posts predominantly) that you can post on each online platform. …

On people, love, and life

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Photo by Everton Vila, Unsplash.

Turning 30 is exciting.

You have not only the right amount of wisdom and sanity to make the best life choices, but also the vitality of your prime to help realise your goals. Unlike the brazen you in your 20s, you know not to make the same rash mistakes and also to make the most of the limited time and energy you have left.

I was always a people person. I have loved just as I have caused hurt, but I have learnt too. …

Will it go higher or is it due to burst?

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Photo by Morning Brew, Unsplash.

Almost a year ago, I shared about the characteristics of the next crypto bubble. The article describes three fundamental reasons that might trigger a massive rise in cryptocurrency prices:

  1. Bitcoin reward halving + Ethereum 2.0 launch
  2. Increased acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies
  3. The rise of stablecoins that incentivise people to hold crypto

Today, BTC’s price has “stabilised” at over $11,000, while ETH hovers around $400. While these prices are nowhere near 2017’s peak, they are higher than September 2019’s prices. …

12 ideas on how to work smarter and become a better person, at work and in life

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Photo: John Schnobrich/Unsplash

This is the second half on my reflections of 30 Things On Turning 30. Check out the first article on generic reflections about life.

My 20s had been exciting and fulfilling. From learning and playing in university to working for my first paycheck, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in life and at work.

Whether it’s school projects or executing campaigns, I tend to go to the extremes with my work (usually unnecessary) as I felt that it’s too plain and boring to err on the side of caution. …

Insights from my failure and my persistence to get it right

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Photo by William Iven, Unsplash.

I have never been a successful trader.

Right after picking up technical analysis (TA) and doing okay on a demo account, I blew through $2,000 on a trading account. You see, it’s one thing to pick out price levels, it’s another to size your entries and to position your take-profits and stop-losses.

But TA was an eye opener. And the trading experience made me appreciate the markets and the stakeholders involved. And while I never succeeded in trading, TA has served me well for my investments.

Well, when you don’t have to worry about the huge candle wicks, that’s half the stress gone. On top of that, I try to abide by the following principles, which has certainly made life a lot simpler. …

Pt 1: Positive mindsets and perspectives in life

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Photo by Greg Rakozy, Unsplash.

Note: I’m splitting the article into two parts as I expect 30 things to be pretty lengthy.

When I turned 28, I made a conscious decision to live as though I have only two years left in life. Despite the attempt to live as if every day might be my last, there are many things I’ve yet to experience and wished I had more time for. I can imagine that would be the same whether I’m 40, or 50, or 60.

Nevertheless, looking at the life I’ve lived (as opposed to the one I’ve missed), I am grateful that nothing much has changed except a mind that has been hardened by reality. Amidst all, here are some perspectives that have helped me get through life — experiences that those in their 20s will probably resonate with. …



I write to clear my mind – with topics from crypto investing and trading, to marketing, and life.

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