harit x universität bremen


My internship life started after I walked into FabLab and saw our advisor Wai me and my friends on the first day. His name is Michael.

This marked the beginning!!!

FabLab is a lab in the university of Bremen that focuses on digital media for education. First day here, Michael showed us the lab and all equipments such as a laser cutter a 3D printer. Then he moved us to our workspace.

This week we had two more working days until Saturday. All I did was playing around and exploring features of the Calliope.

Calliope is the muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry”, according to the Greek mythology. But this is not I was going to play with…

Calliope is the micro controller for kids in primary schools to learn programming supported by the German government. It has all kinds of sensors as much as a smartphone has. It also has both wired(serial port) and wireless connection(Bluetooth and radio wave). There are also two input buttons, LED

To program the Calliope is as easy as pie. It’s a block programming platform on web that let us drag, drop, export a hex file, and then copy the file into the Calliope. That is it!!

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