Sharing a story of my mentor

In 2008, I just completed Hifz-e-Quran and then want to join school to continue my studies. It was very difficult time for me to start study again I was blank at that time. I spent almost 3 years in Madrassah and remained cut off from school studies. This time I needed a person who direct me where to go what field to choose and how to reconstruct/rebuilt the basics of maths,English grammar etc. She was my elder sister who helped me to recall what I have learned before in the school and direct me to prepare for 8th class test and get admission directly in 9th class without wasting time. She gave me tuition for 4 to 5 hours in a day and I really work hard . I spent 3 to 4 months in test preparation then appeared for test,did well in the test and got admission in 9th class. It was great achievement for me at that time and it was just because of my sister who played a role as a mentor.

Humility helped me to achieve my goal as I asked for help from my elder sister regardless of thinking that she hasn’t professional experience or a master’s degree. I always gave her respect and showed gratitude. This is the reason why I’m here.