Liliana shares what it’s like, what she does and why it’s amazing.

Liliana, iOS Developer at FREE NOW team in Hamburg

What do you do at FREE NOW?

I am an iOS developer, which means that I develop, maintain, and optimize the iOS app of FREE NOW.

1.What made you decide to pursue a career in tech?

I pretty much jumped into a university course in computer science and loved it. I realized it was something very practical, I was pretty good at it and it was a lot of fun! …

Get to know Tim, our Head of Data from Germany, who explains how creating impact and change became his purpose.

What is your purpose in life and at FREE NOW and what has it been impacted by?

I want to improve mobility for everyone! I know that sounds corny, however, this is truly my goal. I had been searching for a task where change and impact can be felt and that is exactly what I was able to find here. Growing up as a typical nerd, I was greatly impacted by science-fiction series, movies and comics that have not only…

Get to know Ronald, one of our Product Designers from the Netherlands, working in our Barcelona office. Read the full interview with Ronald below.

How would you describe your role as a product designer?

Just a job is not enough for many people; my goal is to make the lives of other people more pleasant through design. As a product designer, my mission is to solve problems using digital products.

In terms of improving designs, this can be done by improving current solutions or creating new opportunities or ideas. To do so, I need to listen very carefully to what…

Did you ever think it’s too late to start something new? Meet Seresha, our trainee for IT-System integration who decided to do a traineeship at the age of 31 at FREE NOW. Watch his story here.

Read the full interview with Seresha below.

Why did you join FREE NOW?

Life is about setting your own goals and doing your best to achieve them. I am a goal-oriented person, so at FREE NOW, my personal mission is to make the driver app the best one in the market. …

You’ve applied to your dream job at an amazing company. You blast through the interviews. You get your offer. You sign the dotted line.

The only thing left is to pack up your life and relocate. Totally lost?

We’ve got you covered. Relocating for FREE NOW is something many colleagues have done, so we asked them what their top tips would be to help your relocation go as smoothly as possible. From learning a new language, finding a flat, to making friends, we share our top tips on how to rock the relocation rollercoaster!

Your Onboarding Crew is a great source of new friends
  1. Talk to your colleagues

Your colleagues…

Today we are taking the chance to get to know one of our Berlin colleagues! Luiz Santana, Mobile Chapter Lead in the Berlin tech hub of mytaxi, has been working with Android development for over 7 years.

Luis, Android Chapter Lead in Berlin

Why did you choose to join FREE NOW?

A couple of reasons on this topic. I first joined FREE NOW due to the opportunity of working with a really nice app, which I use in my daily life. That really makes the difference to me, be able to influence and work on an app that I already love to use.
Second is the fact…

Meet Agnieszka who is working as our PR & Communications Manager in Poland. She is responsible for the preparation of press releases, statements, events and answering media inquiries. Together with our PA consultants, they are working on the official statement regarding draft bill on transport and mytaxi vision on the future of the industry.

1. What surprised you the most when you joined mytaxi?

The view from the Hamburg office! Also a very dynamic environment, flat hierarchies, teamwork, and family atmosphere.

2. What unique skill do you bring to mytaxi?

I have copywriting skills, so feel free to ask me…

At mytaxi, we offer the chance to follow colleagues around for a day. This February Matteo, Operations Executive from Italy learned the Ins and Outs of mytaxi by following Johannes Mewes, co-founder, and CPO of mytaxi around. Have a read how Matteo experienced the day:

“I believe that the job shadowing programme is the best way to learn new ways of thinking. Ever since I was at university, I’ve always asked managers to follow them for a day, in order to understand how my perception of their job was different compared to reality. …

Meet Amitoj — one of our Software Engineer from Hamburg who is responsible for establishing techniques and processes to assure a better quality of our backend systems.

1. What surprised you the most when you joined mytaxi?

The place of growth, when I joined I talked to the people who had joined the company 2 months back or 3 months back but each one of them felt like they have been here for years. …

New Perspectives

What Andrew, Business Analyst Lead, learned by shadowing Andy, mytaxi COO

They say you have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to really understand them. Our Job Shadowing program does exactly that: Every three months we publish three new opportunities for colleagues to shadow another colleague from a different department to learn aspects related to the job, mytaxi and new competencies. Overall, it is a great way to connect colleagues at mytaxi!

I should have recognized the warning when Andy asked the question ‘Do you prefer a day-on-the-road or a UK day?’. With this simple question the world of Andy Batty began to reveal itself to me.

I learned this…

Hannah Fuhrmann

Team Lead Employer Branding @ FREE NOW

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