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There’s no joy in racing through airports. A hectic sprint to the gate leaves you staring blankly as “DELAY” starts taking over the board, one glaring red line at a time. At some point they find the flight is overbooked, so the rebate offers start flying and the stress levels rise as the airline fights to switch out seats.

That’s not any way to start what’s supposed to be a quiet, holiday retreat.

Whether you and your friends need a girls-only weekend or you’re planning a romantic trip for two, there’s more to be found by ditching the New Year’s…

grayscale: cloudy day, blackbirds in flight off leafless tree.
grayscale: cloudy day, blackbirds in flight off leafless tree.
Image: a murder of crows (Shutterstock)

[CONTENT WARNING: this piece was written from a raw place, speaking boldly of suicide and grief. If you’re fighting to breathe through another day, PLEASE ask for help. If you aren’t ready to speak to friends or family, call (800) 273-TALK — it’s free, it’s anonymous, and someone will answer, 24/7.]

Did you know her very well?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Barely. We used to be friends back in…”

These conversations drift about in the air; I can hear them in this place. My spirit is tethered to this plane between molecules, this ethereal no-space called Purgatory. Restless beings drift between small…

Son of a… (author photo)

My dog LOVES tennis balls; my back does NOT love the constant cycle of picking them up. Enter: the Chuckit Launcher.

Great idea, right? This 18-inch stick with a scoop at the end has been a Godsend. NOTHING beats the super happy, side-flopped tongue my girl displays at the end of play.

Here’s what else the Chuckit Launcher is good for:

· Surprise boob shots

· Accidental shin shots

· Taking out windows

The first time I used the launcher was at the shelter when we visited Mina. I thought I had this thing on lockdown. I loaded the ball…

You’ve got the most amazing dog: walks are stress free, they respond eagerly to your cues, and they absolutely LOVE going on a sniffari in the yard or park.

But for whatever reason, your dog loses interest any time you bring out the toys. And if you work from home or have a huge list of chores on tap, this makes for a long and stressful day.

As sacred as pockets of free-time throughout the day are to you, playtime benefits your dog even more, and for several reasons:

  • Mental stimulation during play burns off energy; meaning a tired, happy…

Movies, books, and pictures that we see on social media depict life with a dog as carefree cuddles and fun games of fetch. But behind every tossed ball or belly scritch there’s a lot of work, especially with a rescue.

For someone who thought they took their time and did enough research, my dog’s first two months home were a LOT more than I was expecting!

There is such a thing as TOO much information. Instead of focusing on solidifying Mina’s basics in an environment that was totally new to her, I tried to do everything I’d researched, all at…

I Was Terrified to Walk My Dog… and then, I Wasn’t

I live in a jam-packed, dog-populated neighborhood.

I have a super strong dog.

And I fret more than anyone you’ll ever meet:

What if their dog lunges? Or mine?

Oh crap, that puppy isn’t on a leash again…

…what if MY leash breaks?

Our walks turned sour really quick thanks to my anxiety, so I had work to do. And for a new or nervous dog owner, having the right tools is a springboard for the confidence and consistency needed to overcome these problems.

Well… I wasn’t feeling confident…


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1. Overflowing landfills from discarded consumer products are destroying eco-systems all over the world.

2. Buying sustainable…

Train Your Puppy to Love Grooming Time

Potty puddles in unexpected places. Your favorite shoes in slobbery shreds. Doorbells. Kids. Other dogs. There’s no question that you need to focus on housebreaking and basic manners when you adopt a new puppy!

But what happens when it’s time to bathe and brush them after an afternoon of messy fun in the yard? Or when it’s time to trim or grind their nails? Perhaps your puppy had a harrowing start to life, and any kind of touch is brand new. …

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You’re withdrawing. You feel alone. You feel haunted. Sad. Maybe even angry. Some days are great, some are okay, and some are downright harrowing. You’re thinking, “It’s probably better I just keep this to myself,” right? Or, you’ve probably taken the chance to make a post to your feed, either to reach out for support or simply because it’s your Facebook feed, right? You can say what you want.

And you’ve probably found out that doesn’t always work out so well. Most people don’t understand the level of fallout carried within the heart and mind of a Veteran. They don’t…

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