This is just the beginning

Wow after the two weeks Bootcamp drill, I’m finally a fellow. As told by my predecessors about how I should be prepared to “die” but funny the first few days hasn’t been as hectic as I expected it to be. I initially thought we will be asked to jump start projects as soon as we resume and honestly I was already so tensed and did not know what to expect. Anyways on he first day being our Induction, the structure, protocols etc. of Andela were explained. My favourite session on this day was when Nand the director of learning fully explained the mission of Andela. Based on my previous research on Andela, I thought I had a full understanding of understanding of Andela’s mission but ‘not so much’. After Nadayar’s talk with us that day, I fell in love with the organisation 100+ times over. It is great to have a place where your goals fit perfectly into theirs.

It is day three today and one the things I really took with me after the meeting with the T&L team was that the ride is certainly going to be bumpy with several challenges but my mindset or approach towards it is what really counts. If looked at it with the perspective ‘oh yeah it can be done and work towards’, then I will overcome; else if I don’t, the reverse will be the case.
I know that “the most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations”, I have decided to have a very positive mindset towards every project and also keep my goal as my motivation factor.

I have interacted with several fellows thus far and they have been really nice and friendly. Andela is really different from other companies I must say. Everyone you approach seems so nice and sometimes I ask myself “wow is this really possible in a company?” but I have also been able to answer that question Yes #TIA where the negative norms are broken ‘cool stuff right?’.. ‘snap snap my fingers’.

Anyways moving on. We have been sent our curriculum and we are expected to complete at least 50% of the D1 curriculum and successfully complete 2 projects in 12 weeks without requesting for any extension. Going through the curriculum, I realised that will certainly not be easy but right now, I feeling like ‘James Bond’; throw anything at me, I believe with a positive mindset, and willingness to learn, I must overcome. I have decided to start my projects immediately I receive them, set reasonable goals and ensure I stick to them, ask lots of reasonable questions and finally implement my 3 P’s (Patience, perseverance and never procrastinate) as time is no one’s friend. 
By the grace of God, I have decided that despite whatever I face, I will do this for myself, family and to change the notion about Africans ‘my country Nigeria to be specific’.