Bitcoin futures trading is strong

The crypto currency market has been active since Bitcoin exceeded 500,000 yen, but futures trading is also strong.

With the recent rise in bitcoin market prices, futures trading volumes also seem to have increased.

On the 4th, bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) surged 950 percent compared to 2162 on April 1, 22,542 pieces, equivalent to $ 5.63 billion (equivalent to 650 billion yen).

Along with CME, the Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE), which has listed Bitcoin Futures in December 2017, has decided to withhold listing for the same futures trading due to price and volume declines.

There is also speculation that the opportunity to hedge with futures trading has decreased and that it has contributed to the rise in bitcoin prices.

In addition, as a factor of the price rise of BTC ...
It is mentioned that the large-scale buying of hedge funds using the view and algorithm that the buying of goods went to the spot on March 29 due to the expiration of the futures trading.

Bitcoin kept the trend at around $ 500 (equivalent to ¥ 558,000), which is the milestone on the 5th, at around the high level since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin futures trading is the promise of buying and selling bitcoin on a particular day in the future.

Bakkt's bitcoin futures of the virtual currency platform that attracts the attention of marketers are delivered in kind.

Investors receive cash and bitcoins on the designated delivery date of the futures transaction.

On the other hand, in the case of CME, investors receive cash instead of bitcoin.

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