Today’s theme is “Exchange Token”.

It is a so-called “exchange token” because it is a token that the exchange issues independently.

What are the benefits of exchange tokens?

For example, for exchange tokens
・ BNB token (binance)
・ OKB token (OKEX)
・ HT token (Huobi)
・ QASH token (QUOINEX)
・ BIX token (Bibox)
・ FT token (Fcoin)
・ BKK token (BKEX)

・ The transaction fee will be cheaper
・ A dividend can be paid
・ Can participate in the operation of the exchange
・ It is burnt and price is easy to rise
And, depending on the exchange, there are many benefits.

The most famous is the BNB token, which has already risen by 150% since this year.
In addition, it has been recorded that it once rose 13.5 times with the price rise of Altocoin in January 2018.
And, recently, the popular Cross Exchange is a crypto currency exchange that opened in “Azerbaijan Republic”, which has issued an exchange token called “XEX”, and acquired “License №1”.
A unique feature of this XEX is that it has adopted a scheme that gives the user who has made a transaction an XEX equivalent to 100% to 130% of the transaction fee paid for the transaction.
Thus, “exchange token” will have various attractiveness.
There is a disadvantage.
The point is that if the exchange were to be shut down or closed, the token would be worthless.
However, the information on the closing of the exchange will be announced in some form, and it is unlikely that it will be closed by haste, so it will have time to sell it.
So it’s fine if you have an information antenna.
By the way, the price of Binance Coin, which is located in the market capitalization top 10 and has achieved an ROI (return on investment) of over 9,600% from ICO to the present, is the highest ever in BTC, just one month ago. What I put on is new to my memory.
As you know, Binance Coin is a token uniquely issued by the cryptocurrency exchange “Binance”.
The price of this Binance Coin, which was 11 yen in Japanese yen at the time of ICO in December 2017, is now more than 150 times the momentum of 1,670 yen.
In other words, if you have purchased 100,000 yen in ICO, it is 15 million yen.
Last year, ICO had a very severe ICR split, but it is necessary to know the fact that the “exchange token” has such an impetus.
So, even in such a difficult situation of cryptocurrency, “exchange token” is very promising and very popular.

That should be it.
In the world of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges are the “most money-intensive”, so “exchange tokens” will always be in demand and have various appeals.

The most promising of these exchange tokens are:
We are confident that it is an AML issued by Amanpuri.

・ Why is it easy for an exchange token to succeed?

that is
The purpose of use is clear
It is because the business content is simple.

The attractiveness of exchange tokens is also described on each listing site of ICO.
How to write is that many of the successful ICOs are written as exchange tokens.
Because it is a famous listing site, it is data based on well-founded analysis.
If you have time, please take a look.
However, it does not mean that it is all right if it is an exchange token.
As a selection criterion, the exchange’s own projects must also be firm.

The pre-sale of Amanpuri’s Amal token is just beginning!

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