World top bank invested about 5.5 billion yen

• What did they invest in? And where?

While blockchain technology is needed day by day in the world, it seems that the world’s top banks have invested approximately 5.5 billion yen in blockchain technology.

Some of the top banks in the world are investing $ 50 million (approximately 5.5 billion yen) to build a blockchain-based digital currency system.
Reuters reported on the 17th as a talk of the people concerned.

The name of the new system is called “Finality”, and it is said that it aims to launch in 2020.
Although the specific names of the participating banks have not been clarified, UBS, Santander Bank, New York Mellon Bank, State Street Bank, Credit Banks, and Credit Banks have been named as participating banks for similar projects before. Switzerland, Barclays, HSBC, Deutsche Bank.
In 2015, Swiss UBS Group AG and London’s high-tech startup Clearatics launched a project known as ‘Utility payment coin’.

While every bank is likely to be possible, we believe it is more likely that several banks are jointly developing.
As it is being developed with the goal of next year, it may be possible to identify to some extent by the end of the year.
Depending on the bank involved, there will also be market implications.

I think that it is good to pay attention as future information.

● The light of hope of Bitcoin began to be seen!

Bitcoin prices have started to rise again this year.

The enthusiasm and excitement of market prices lead to sound growth for early stage industries like Bitcoin and Cryptographic Assets.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

・ Inflow of financial capital
As the price goes up, various capitals are interested in the crypto asset industry.
This will facilitate funding for the continued development of bitcoins, crypto assets, and related businesses.

・ Inflow of intellectual capital
When prices rise, the industry gets attention and focus.
In the end, talented engineers, entrepreneurs, and employment will be discovered.

・ Creating wealth
Rising prices will also give individuals and organizations financial benefits.
This will increase the opportunity to invest in a project.

・ Education accelerates
The amount the media writes may be correlated to the price of bitcoins and cryptographic assets.
As industry awareness grows, the barrier to entry in education diminishes, and it is easier for new users and market participants to enter.

The bitcoin market is entering the next bull market.
Bitcoin fundamentals, user transactions, hash rates etc. are getting stronger.

Institutional investors are coming soon!
The interest of individual investors is also beginning to return.

The path to introduce Bitcoin on a global scale is not easy, but it has finally started to see the light of hope.

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