The theme for roll-playing : be late to meeting.

#Roll : I’m the sales manager in the Hanwha Mexico. You are sales manager of customer.

#Situation : I was in traffic jam. So, I have expected to be late at meeting. I was calling to customer. Current is 1:00 PM(Meeting time was 12:00PM)

#ME : Hello, this is Danny Kim.

#YOU : Hello, Do you arrive at my office?

#ME : No, I’m really sorry I will be late due to traffic jam. If you are OK, I’ll like to postpone our appointment. I expect to arrive your office at 2:00 PM.

#YOU : I am going to attend another meeting long time. You will wait me too long time. I suggest you to change meeting to next Monday.

#ME : I understand your schedule but I have a plan to meet Mr. LEE in charge of the Tiguan at 2:00 PM. I am OK until 4:00 PM. Can you have free time at 4:00PM?

#YOU : I don’t know when I’ll complete a meeting.

#ME : Nevertheless I’ll sent message to you after my meeting. If you are OK when I close my meeting, Let’s meet on that time.