The 17 year old me was devastated when Kurt Cobain died in 1994. Literally devastated. I cried, I was angry and most of all I was confused. Fast forward to 2002 and it hit again, this time with Layne Staley. Admittedly, Layne Stayley was no surprise, he’d been mostly missing since 1999, and then in 2015, Scott Weiland.

This Thursday, while at work, I received a text from my wife simply saying: “Did you see that Chris Cornell is dead?”.

Boom. I just sat there for a good half-hour looking at the wall. All I felt was empty. Lethargic, but…

You know, I think I’ve finally earned one.

Last friday, I posted the following photo on Twitter.

And, yes, it is me. At a Justin Bieber concert. Wearing a Bieber shirt. Smiling.

Naturally, that sparked some replies, especially for those who know my musical taste.

I don’t really want to call Simon out here, he’s one of the good ones, but his tweet made me think. What is this mythical ‘Man Card’, and why would it be at stake?

The back story behind that photo is simple, my 16 year old daughter wanted to see Justin Bieber live. I’ve attended several other concerts with her older brother…

Clearly I’m a glutton for punishment, but after seeing the following Tweet from Duncan Epping, I just had to sit down and make a decent list of my favorite albums of all time.

I started out by just writing down a list of albums I knew had to be on the list, but after a while, that list was quickly heading towards the mid-thirties, or even early forties. Coincidentally just like myself.

30 or 40 is a little bit more than 10, and that’s just what came popping out from the top of my head. I had to narrow…

Glossophobia — The fear of public speaking.

Now I can’t seriously claim to suffer from it, after all I’ve spoken in public on a number of occasions. I’ve spoken in large cinemas, and small meeting rooms. I’ve spoken for hundreds, tens and even ones of people. I don’t have any formal training, except a two day training course my employer arranged a year and a half ago. I won’t claim that I’m a master of it, not even by a long shot.

I probably break all the rules on how do great presentations, because I don’t know that there are…

Normally I’m immersed in technology and juggling bits and bytes in different form factors around in what you might call an echo-chamber of like-minded people. I’m not sure that this is all that healthy, but honestly, I do enjoy it. This been something of a calling since my dad brought home a Commodore 64 back in late 1983.

For me, it’s more than a job. It’s not something I do, it’s who I am. It defines me.

It’s not all pure tech though, much of my job also revolves around creating value of that tech. Optimizing the usage of IT to create business value, and this mostly involves talking to real human beings. I enjoy that part of it…

One of the things I had some thoughts on writing about was changes. I know, a lot of things has been said about changes, by much smarter people than me, and it might seem a bit superfluous to add my own 2¢ — but when has that ever stopped anyone? So in light of todays big “Dell is buying EMC” news, here it is.

Now, I don’t claim to have any insight into the financial soundness of the Dell purchase of EMC. I just know that a shit-ton of money is being spent on it.

“A Shit-ton is equivalent to…

For some reason, still unbeknown to me, I’ve decided to try and write something here on Medium at least once a week for a while. I honestly don’t know why, but I’m really curious as to where this will take me. I don’t even know how long a “while” is.

Normally I publish virtualization and technical blogs over at, and that’s fine, but this is an attempt at doing something different.

I’m wandering out of my comfort zone, and plan on writing about whatever comes to mind.

Technical writing is an art of it’s own, but it can also…

Christian Mohn

Normally a techie. Perhaps not here though. Who knows?

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