Embedagram: It’s been a good run.

About five years ago a designer friend of mine asked how he could display is Instagram photos on his website. I poked around the internet and realized, wow, there is no way to post the last 20 images to your website.

So, I created Embedagram. Admittedly, it was a glorified proxy, but it worked well for those who weren’t tech savvy. Authorize the app and BOOM, you have a widget to add to your site. Or if you wanted to get fancy, you could use the jQuery plugin.

Flash forward and Instagram has grown up, a lot. The developer ecosystem now allows for a user to create and app and leave it sandboxed, perfect for use on a personal site. And this is why Embedagram is no longer available. Read more about the Instagram developer platform updates here.

I applied for the basic permissions since it was still an easier alternative to creating an app and copy/pasting a client ID. I even registered a new domain and ported the entire site to avoid the branding rules around: “Do not use ‘gram’ in your app name”. But alas, my submission resulted in:

I’m glad Embedagram could help folks for the last five years. Considering it was a free service, I hope everyone feels that they all got what they paid for. 😀

Here are two products that I recommend for those needing a replacement: