Brian Robertson

Entrepreneur, organization-builder, & recovering CEO; founder of HolacracyOne & pioneer of Holacracy:

The Insanity of the What-by-When

When you agree to take an action, do you also give others a commitment of when you’ll do it by (the so-called “what-by-when”)? As much as this practice is…

“I’m a Fit Person”

My Experience of Losing Weight by Shifting Identity

Over the past 9 months, I’ve lost 35 pounds and 25 inches of total girth, dropped my body…

History of Holacracy®

The Discovery of an Evolutionary Algorithm

I often struggle with how to convey the history of Holacracy’s development in a way that honors…

Holacracy as an Evolutionary Algorithm

A Search Algorithm For Finding Good Organizational Designs

Holacracy: Empowerment Baked In 

Shifting the Karpman Drama Triangle

I like to say that Holacracy® is empowering, but I’ve often struggled to explain exactly “why

For-Profit + Non-Profit = For-Purpose 

In this transcription from a Q&A session in our Community of Practice, Brian answers a question from participant Nick Osborne about why HolacracyOne doesn’t provide discounts for non-profits. By sharing his personal view, he also discusses why for-profit versus non-profit is not a very meaningful distinction with Holacracy® in place — as all companies

Outvoting the Low Voltage Light

How Holacracy® was born

I recently spoke at a TEDx event about a transformative experience for me — one that came when I nearly…

Rule of Law & Property Rights in Organizations

The keys to Holacracy’s distribution of power

At first glance, the outputs of Holacracy®’s governance process …

Beyond Consensus 

Imagine an organization where everyone, from the top to the bottom, had a voice and a right to use it in any decision. Imagine going to work and knowing that no decision that…

Sincerely… The Organization

I often receive requests or invitations via e-mail, which are sent to me as an individual but are really about the work of HolacracyOne as an organization. Often…