Do We Really Need Darker And Edgier?

This season’s villain is a reanimated corpse that consumes human flesh — how much darker are we going to go?

Marvel TV announced they are moving “Agents of Shield” to a later time slot so it can be — and I quote — “darker and edgier”.

I’m not a fan of this decision or this direction. Here’s why:

I like my heroes to be heroic. I like being able to watch shows and share my heroes with my kids. And, I like to stop feeling like my dog is dead every week.

TV and movies are entertainment. I don’t always need to examine the darkest heart of humanity. There are plenty of shows that do that already. It would be nice to have some hope during the week.

Not “7th Heaven” hope, but perhaps some Supergirl hope. Or some “Agent Carter” hope. Or maybe even some “Flash” hope (before the show’s color scheme changed to washout gray).

What? Agents was cancelled and Supergirl transferred? Let me guess, bean counters didn’t like the ratings?

Maybe instead of saying “meh” and looking to cut their losses, perhaps studios might have been better off investing.

Want to know what started going wrong with Supergirl? The answer is in the eyes of my 8 year old daughter who went from enthusiasm to cringe by episode 16. Why? Two words: Evil Supergirl. When my daughter doesn’t want to watch Supergirl, you’ve got a real problem.

Want to know why Agent Carter started to tank in its 2nd season? Crappy writing and pathetic characters, plain and simple. By episode 6, it wasn’t worth watching any more. It was a great concept for a show — just poor execution. Even Howard Stark isn’t gonna overcome the bad taste pathetically inept gangsters leaves behind.

I used to let my young sons watch the Flash with me. Not this season. At least not since episode 8 (Vandal Savage). Why? A little too much murder for an 8 year old. Last night’s graphic execution of Barry’s dad is one more step down a pretty dark path for DC’s most positive super hero.

We don’t need “darker” and “edgier” story lines. We’ve got The 100 for that. Or The Expanse. Or Lucifer.

What we don’t have much of? A hero show I can watch with my kids at 8 PM on a Tuesday.

How about more of that? Get family viewing and build franchise fans for life. Sounds like a plan.


We need to turn the corner on the Frank Miller era of comic stories. Frank was great, he was a visionary. But, the cold war is over, and maybe we need some more hope about now. Lord knows the world is a dark enough place already. Perhaps we should be looking at a little more “New Frontier” and a little less “New World Order”, know what I mean?

But, by all means, keep shoveling darker and edgier at 10PM, please. I just can’t get enough of that…

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