Data Scientists: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let’s Find Out!

I would add that, in addition to languages that people use, there is the question of what people do with them. To me, the interesting problem is the substance, which come in form of data, and computer programming provides the tools to deal with them. Maybe, for others, the order is different, but if so, all the better: then we can collaborate to do something: I don’t want to talk to my clones in terms of skill set or perspectives, but people who don’t think like I do and who can do things I can’t — but could benefit from the skills that I can provide them. Indeed, the point about “data science” being a team skill, rather than individual activity is spot on: everyone should know the basics so that they can communicate with one another, but beyond that, better that they can call on someone who knows actual mathematical basis of statistics and flow chart what you should be doing the data (and the caveats) so that someone else who is really skilled at programming can translate it into a good code, rather than rely on people who possess partial knowledge putting together bad packages.

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