Can you destroy your product AND not get fired?
Destroy Your Product (Without Getting Fired)
John Cutler

Absolutely. Each of the things in your second list are hard work, but they are the most impactful things. When you own a product area, you become the expert on all things around it, also making you the best person to identify when the product, feature, or services isn’t worth the resources it consumes.

Towards your final question, managers and leaders can encourage working towards what’s best for the company instead of what’s best for the silos by creating environments where radical candor is the norm — places where people regularly tell each other the hard truths with empathy, because they know the easy lies won’t help anybody improve. They can further support this “common good first” approach by showcasing and rewarding when team members do a good job of the hard work that flies in the face of commonly accepted team-first behaviors.

In any company worth working for, smartly and empathetically killing a product, feature, or service will position you to take on a higher value opportunity.