I have developed a Mastodon client for Mac, Windows, and Linux

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Screenshot of Whalebird

The application name is Whalebird. I have released the first version, and you can download it from github’s release page.

Now, I could only prepare the download version, so please wait for App Store, deb, and rpm packages. And I have not verified it with Windows yet, so please wait for the Windows version.

I am not going to take money, so I release this application for free and I publish the source codes.



  • An interface like slack
  • Notify to desktop
  • Streaming
  • Many keyboard shortcuts
  • Manage multiple accounts

Frequently, people have several accounts, because Mastodon was made with a focus on dispersing; therefore I implemented it so that it corresponds to multiple accounts from the beginning.

Now, you can see the following:

  • Home timeline
  • Notifications
  • Favourites
  • Local timeline
  • Public timeline

And I prepared some shortcuts like slack. For example:

  • Cmd or Ctrl + n: Open new toot modal
  • Cmd or Ctrl + Enter: Post a toot
  • Cmd or Ctrl + k: Jump to another timeline
  • Cmd or Ctrl + 1, 2, 3…: Change account


Recently I started Mastodon. I can find some nice client applications in iOS and Android, but I could not find client for desktop application.

I often use Linux computer in my home. And I use MacOS in workspace. So I want client application for Linux and Mac.

So I decided to develop Mastodon client on electron basis.

Future plans

I want to release it for Windows in next version.

  • Attach some images in toot
  • Show attached images in timeline
  • Load recently timeline when open the timeline in local and public
  • Make the window to draggable
  • Save window state
  • Pull to refresh
  • Show profile of a user
  • Follow/unfollow function
  • Edit user profile
  • Toot’s detail page
  • Show replies of a toot
  • Change theme color
  • Customize format of username
  • Customize format of timestamp
  • Show/manage lists

In Conclusion

Whalebird is the first version, so it may not be the best client yet. And there are lot of issues which are not implemented. But I will continue to develop this application until I can comfortably use Mastodon on my Linux.

Since starting development of this application, I enjoy Mastodon more. If you like this application, please try it. And let’s enjoy Mastodon.

And if you find some bugs, please create issues on github or report it to me. It is my account: https://pleroma.io/users/h3poteto

Thanks for reading.

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