Hair Thickening Products — Master Guide

List of the best hair thickening products proven to work/help either by stopping/reducing hair falling, or by increasing hair growth at a faster rate, or even helping resolve hair loss in men and women.

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These products are the best hair thickening products you can use for hair in order of most effectiveness starting from the best to the least effective.

1. Taoist Soap: This is a powerful anti-inflammatory soap designed for the scalp, stopping inflammation the root cause of hair loss in men, and women (yes, even if it is hormone related hair loss, inflammation is the process which actually stops your hair from growing further, and eventually hair starts falling!).

This also has a natural hair thickening effect on the hair, and after 3–4 weeks of use, you should see this very clearly — you can use this soap in combination with other shampoo or conditioners, and you do not have to use this everyday for it to work — but when you do use it, leave it on the scalp for at least 30 seconds to allow it to soak and soothe the hair roots.

That said — for this to work at its best — it is vital to create a growth hair regime — because a single method of hair growth is never the best way (when used alone) — no pharmaceutical product or natural product can do that — simply because there are too many variables when it comes to hair growth, and why hair thinning is occuring (even if it is genetic or hormone based).

The few methods which are a must for adding into the regime, are collagen, taoist soap, stinging nettle extract supplement and scalp massage every day — not only that but to avoid chemicals on the scalp — this alone will help hair growth for sure — but be sure to stop taking stinging nettle after you start seeing results, as it is not needed long term.

This soap also helps detoxifying your scalp and is so natural and pure that it is even edible, although we still don’t recommend you do that. Ideally you should buy 2 or 3 bars to save on shipping costs (as cost does not increase when buying more) — and since they run out of stock pretty often, and its best to have a constant supply of it — currently the only supplier for this soap (worldwide delivery).

2. B Complex Vitamins: These are taken because they help manage your stress and builds your body’s capacity to handle stress. Stress is the leading cause of most diseases, let alone a huge contributing factor for inflammation and hair loss in men and women. Which brand to take of B complex? Ideally, the most expensive and reputable brand you can find — this is because quality of the supplement is very different internally if you buy a cheap version of the B-complex — you may just be paying for a lower grade of vitamin.

3. Astaxanthin Supplement: This is considered by many scientists as the most powerful antioxidant available on the planet. This literally reverses biological aging from the cellular level.

Taking this on a longer term biases will help keep your body in a fitter condition, as well as keep a healthy circulatory system — but doing cardio and exercises is very important when taking any kind of supplements for thickening hair— just eating is 50% of the work — actually exercising regularly is the other half when it comes to taking supplements.

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4. Alpecin Products Review: The Alpecin Shampoo has been reviewed by many people, and some say it works, and some say it does not work — it is basically a caffeine based product and is often used for helping stop hair loss. We don’t recommend this product so much if you use the Taoist soap then you won’t need this in the first place.

5. Scalp Massage: This is probably the most under-rated methodology of hair thickening, not so much a product — but it is still vital to consider carrying out a scalp massage once or twice a day, for 10–15 minutes. This method can replace drugs that were proven to help hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp (read below on products to stay away from). Video on scalp massage and how to do it is below:

Hair Thickening Products to Stay Away From

There are a lot of hyped up products out there — including ones by the pharmaceutical companies who loosely use terms like “clinically proven” too many times — we already no, no one method is a cure to hair loss, the above remedies and products work in combination, and that is how most people got their results — these products below, are ones you should stay away from, as they are the opposite of the best hair thickening products:

  1. Minoxidil: This has been talked about for years — the NHS even says they don’t know how it works till this day, but it “mysteriously” has worked on clinical trials. Problem is, they are lying, and they are doing it intentionally, because the reason why it worked on some people, can be replaced naturally — and this is not something companies want you to do, it hurts business after all. If you research enough, you will know it works by increasing circulation by expanding the vessels in the scalp — and this is why we talked about scalp massage on the above methods that work for thickening hair density.
  2. Finasteride: This is the drug often branded as Propecia — this too is something you should stay away of, with permanent side effects and permanent damage to the hormone system, it is not worth trying this drug under any circumstances — there are many forums setup just to promote this drug, with questionable people talking about their success stories with this. This is highly risky and will damage the male reproductive system.
  3. Revivogen MD: Another useless product, and will actually cause thinning hair in some people just like Minoxidil.
  4. Tricomin: Uses Copper peptides to “stimulate” hair — but there is no evidence of this working. A lot of fake reviews of this on forums.
  5. Kourosh: This is another product sold as a good hair thickening products range, but it is not — and many websites have discontinued its use.
  6. Toppik and COUVRe: This is not really a genuinely good hair thickening product either — it just topically makes it appear hair is thicker — you can use this for temporary effect, but long term, it may cause inflammation, which can make your current hair loss worse — it is better on the longer term to use the natural methods and products we described earlier in this guide.
  7. Ketoconazole shampoos: These hair thickening shampoos are of various brands and types, from Regenepure to other similar brands with various of being “Doctor” recommended. These do not target hair loss in a way that will help hair growth — as hair loss causes are often not related, especially if they talk about DHT blockers which is the next worst thing for helping hair.
  8. DHT blockers of any kind: These don’t work. Hair loss is not caused from DHT, it is caused from inflammation. If you stop inflammation, you stop roots of hair follicles from producing hair growth — DHT can cause inflammation which is why it was first thought to produce hair loss — but this is not true anymore as we have a better understanding of hair thinning in men and women. Increased circulation using scalp massage and the soap recommended earlier will help stop inflammation directly at the root, and permanently (you won’t have to keep using the soap to get the results) — stay away from DHT blockers, they are primitive methods of the time when people thought DHT is the cause for hair loss, which is not true.
  9. Nexxus Diametress Shampoo: You must have heard about this, with just googling “hair thickening products” on google, but you should be aware, whilst it does have some good reviews, it is not talking about actual hair thickening, but artificially enhancing appearance — this is all fine and dandy visually, but long term effects may cause inflammation due to added fragrances and artificial ingredients — no harm in using it occasionally but not recommended for regular use.
  10. Aveda Thickening Tonic: This contains wheat proteins and used with blow drying hair. But this, just as the Nexxus shampoo, causes inflammation in long term use due to the fragrances that have been added. So this is not good for long term use when trying to really care for hair — but of course occasional use is fine.
  11. Bumble and Bumble Thickening: They have shampoo, and even a mousse, but they both really aim to do one thing, for longer term — to make appearance of hair, look thicker — this isn’t exactly a hair thickening product per say, as it doesn’t actually help hair growth, or thicken actual hair growth however.
  12. Windle and Moodie Thickening Cream: As yet again, it is designed for artificial appearance, not actual hair growth or thickening. So cannot still be categorized as a hair thickening product as some people list it as — it also has fragrances which causes inflammation, and this is not good for helping new hair growth and thickening hair.
  13. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Fibrology Fine Hair Thickening Shampoo: You can buy this for just £5 at stores or online — however this too contains ingredients not friendly for actual hair growth. But it is fine to use when you just want to make a instant appearance of thicker hair — but it is not recommended if you already have fine hair for long term use. It is better you do a regime and build your hair health regime.
  14. Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Shampoo: You can buy this one for £6 on boots. Not a bad price compared to the rest of the hair thickening products in this category — however this is just an artificial thickening method, and does not actually thicken hair. All products like this have ingredients that may increase inflammation, which is the root cause of hair thinning in men and women — so be aware when you buy this or use this.
  15. Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray: For £24 in amazon — this is another product which we suggest to stay away, unless you are happy with temporary gains with hair, but long term loss (possibly). Not trying to demote these products, as they do have their place, but companies do not make others aware, of the dangers to their hair, if they do use them long term.
  16. Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum: For around a whopping £59, this is hair thickening serum which claims to help hair growth. But this is not in our recommended lists so we wont comment further about it as we have not tested this ourselves.
  17. Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo for Hair Regrowth: Argan oil has been used a lot for helping hair growth, but this product targets not only the oils, but also DHT blocking, which we talked about above — stating that DHT blocking is not ultimate in helping hair growth, but stopping inflammation is more important, and increasing blood circulation, as well as balancing the hormones, as a male or female. They talk about women hitting menopause should use this product, but with a flawed logic and fact or DHT in women — at least in our view. Use at your own risk, but not recommended by us.
  18. Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Volumizing Conditioning Rinse: Another volume adding conditioner, where you can help appearance of hair strands. But again, it contains ingredients with fragrances, increasing inflammation long term, and therefore increasing faster hair loss for men or women. It is just weird to us that so many hair thickening products contain ingredients that actually thin hair in the long term, but the short term, it may show appearance of thicker hair, but not always.


Finding good hair thickening products is one thing, but you need to remember that hair is part of your body — and your body relies on blood circulation, nutrients, as well as your emotional well being (which is the most under-rated health view ever — as emotions directly affect hormones — which in turn affect your hair) all affect your hair growth and skin, complexion and even how you walk and talk.

Taking a holistic view such as this, will show you what you are doing wrong on a whole, and this in turn will help you get real results, which no product on earth can, but when combined, you can feel like you can move mountains — as we know hair thickening is a tricky thing to deal with, and not always easy to do.

Hair Thickening Vitamins and Supplements

There are also a lot of hair thickeing supplements out there to support hair growth — but these vary in quality and this also require a lot of self diagnosing — you need to know what is the reason you have thinning hair — sometimes if it is a genetic factor (which may or may not be treatable with just supplements, or even shampoo change) is not always a 100% win.

As with any condition, be it serious or not — you have to realize that there are many factors contributing towards someones condition — especially for hair thinning. Yes you can help improve the look of hair with some hair thickening products and hair thickening vitamins or supplements, but the bottom line still is, there are still many variables.

There is a story about a man who looked for the piece of bread, that makes him full. He kept eating, and after a while, got full. This is pretty similar to healing. You keep doing various methods, for long enough, you won’t realized how you got results — but often the case is, you doing many things constantly is what gave you the result, not the last bite that you took of the bread.

Health articles and reviews of products — also like surfing when the waves are right.

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