#feelthebern #MAGA #ImWithHer

An ode to my moral compass and a farewell to fire dances in the Sanders camp.

Neither path is RIGHT, but some evils are miles past wrong. We can either lose centuries or decades America.

We have but one duty in this life — protect the persistent presence of humanity on this planet. #sayThatSevenTimes

This is why YOUR ego cannot be greater than the sum of OUR parts. To walk a path you need a pack.

And I’m sorry to tell you that OUR path continues, long after YOUR time ends, it’s OUR humble duty to forge ahead so that future generations may follow in our footsteps, proudly reciting our words, thanking their lucky stars that we had the foresight to see what was needed.
In the interim we must seek a path of least resistance, to ensure we’ll have a seat on the bench next season, or a place at the boardroom table, either way — in the game

If you’re still in disbelief just pinch and zoom, looking behind in our wake…

See. Look closely. We’ve met this crossroads before.

You too can see our decimation clearly written in the sand.

We are merely rudders, making small course corrections. Except that now we have radar and sonar to warn us of impending doom.

Or think of us as the geese that I can hear just now, midnight squawking, fleeing, seeking… SURVIVAL.