The Yell of The REBEL

Counterculture is the minority of the majority who fight conformity, but why is there a culture that counters this majority? Where do these “culture rebels” draw their hate for convention? Is their revulsion developed while standing in line like cattle day in and day out, waiting to be served their daily rations as consumers? Do these culture rebels experience hatred because they cannot adjust their focus to a view way beyond the systematic rules and regulation which shape and give structure to their lives everyday?

An example:

Here we have two men. The first man, Tom is a consumer. Tom is aware of his consumerism, and continues to consume daily. The second man, Jerry thinks he is a rebel, but is unwittingly a consumer. Survival is of the utmost importance to both Tom and Jerry, therefore both men must consume to survive.

One day, Tom and Jerry meet each other at a rally to boycott consumerism. The two men believe they are at odds until they look at the other man’s sign. Tom sees Jerry’s sign reads, “What controls your life, consumes your mind” and Jerry reads the words,“What consumes your mind, controls your life” on Tom’s sign. Tom and Jerry realize in that moment how their stances on consumerism were indirectly one in the same.

Here are two men going up against each other for almost the exact same motive. Even though for most individuals, the correlation between the relationship of their viewpoints may be hard to identify. We as humans have the innate drive to survive, therefore we have to consume, despite what we think to be popular or unpopular. Survival is beyond “pop culture”.

With saying this, we can conclude that people like Tom and Jerry are a stagnation of potential, or what could be if they united and marched in the same march. Instead, we have individuals criticizing one another about different structures within society, which they themselves don’t even fully comprehend. Rules give us structure, and structure gives us a static environment to operate efficiently in. This structural protection allows for us
to continue our search for structures of greater meaning to operate within as a society.

So i quote from “THE REBEL SELL: why culture cant be jammed

“Better to single file than to single pile”. Its not that we are being taught/programmed how to behave like sheep and cattle. Its just the best way on how to be civil through rules and regulations that we have created for ourselves in order to gain the best platform of change for the future.