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Actually, HRC does indeed want to ban guns. Here’s proof:

Very last item. Clinton wants to specifically ban/remove “Military-style assault weapons” which is anything made of plastic, black in color, and scary looking.

She’s interested in banning guns, there’s no doubt about it.

Sorry, I can’t vote for someone that wants to restrict my rights, and the rights of all (legal) Americans, because a gun is “scary looking”. I have more common sense than that.

“Her willingness to pursue reforms by executive action if necessary is proof of how urgent a priority this is to her,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said.

There’s a minute long audio clip here, of her explaining how she will “make that case, every chance I get” (referring to reverse the Heller decision)

If she thinks that banning one “type” of firearm will “save lives”, she will continue her assault on our rights as Americans. No thanks, I will NOT stand for that.

Since when has ANYONE that has had a strong negative opinion on “assault weapons” (actually they’re just regular semi auto rifles), and claim to be “not taking away your guns”.

She wants to remove guns, and she’ll lie to you to make you think she’s changed her mind. Listen to the audio. I’m not falling for her scam. She can’t even handle Email correctly.