“[Hillary]” told Fox News’ Chris Wallace in July she does not support overturning the Supreme Court…
Paul Frantizek

She clearly wants to ban guns:


Very last item. Clinton wants to specifically ban/remove “Military-style assault weapons” which is anything made of plastic, black in color, and scary looking.

She’s interested in banning guns, there’s no doubt about it.

Sorry, I can’t vote for someone that wants to restrict my rights, and the rights of all (legal) Americans, because a gun is “scary looking”. I have more common sense than that.

“Her willingness to pursue reforms by executive action if necessary is proof of how urgent a priority this is to her,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said.

There’s a minute long audio clip here, of her explaining how she will “make that case, every chance I get” (referring to reverse the Heller decision)


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