The pain is only temporary

By Jennifer Fox

“The pain is only temporary”, she heard from an unfamiliar male voice… “This will be over soon.” Just then she felt a tiny prick of a needle in her arm and then her body being lifted. “What’s happening to me?” she thought “Why can’t I move!” A panic started to well up in her like a wave forming. “Where am I? Why can’t I open my eyes, scream anything!” Then she heard the man’s voice again, cutting through the silence. “You my dear are the prettiest one yet. I’m going to take my time with you.”

She tried to lift her arms to push away from the stranger holding her but they disobeyed her commands. All she could feel was the rhythmic movements of his steps as her limbs dangled at her sides as if she was a rag doll being carried by a child.

“I have to get out of here”, she thought “but where am I?” She started to retrace the night in her mind.

It was an uneventful night, just like any other night out with the girls. Dinner then drinks at their favorite watering hole. Nothing leapt out in her mind. Different faces washed over her mind, familiar and strange. Not so uncommon for this bar but one face came into focus. He was a well-groomed man in his early thirties with thick black hair and green eyes, the kind that seem to lock into yours as if he’s peering into your soul. “This man, this is the one! Why is he doing this to me? “

She struggled to remember their conversation, just basic small talk really. Where are you from? Are you here on business or pleasure? He had said his name was John and his company had sent him here for a convention but that he didn’t mind mixing business with a bit of pleasure. “Where did he say he was from again? Oh what difference did it make? I’m sure it was all lies”, she thought “How! How did he do this to me? My drink never left my hand and I make it a point to never accept drinks from people I don’t know well.” Then as if a switch was flipped in her mind she remembered. “The cigarette! The fucking cigarette he offered me. Oh why didn’t I quit like I said I was going to?”

“How did he get me out of the bar? Why wouldn’t my friends stop this man from taking me?” Then she remembered telling her friends that she was tired and heading home for the night. “Damn it! I wish I wasn’t so fucking independent!” The walk to her car seemed to have taken forever, each step slower and slower in her mind. Until finally she rested her body against her car as she fumbled for her keys in her handbag. “Damn this purse!” she mumbled “I can’t ever find anything in this black hole!” And then it was his voice she heard behind her, “Can I be of any assistance?” She jumped and sharply turned spilling the contents of her purse on to the ground. “You startled me!” she said in a stern voice “Didn’t your mama tell you to never sneak up on people? “

“I’m sorry kitten, I didn’t mean to startle you” he said with an amused smirk on his face “I noticed you stumbling to your car and thought you might need some help. Are you ok to drive? Can I take you anywhere? “

“No, I think I will be alright. I’m just really tired, kind of snuck up on me I guess”, she said as she started kneeling down to pick up the items that spilled on the ground. Just as she reached for her compact she lost her balance and tumbled over into his awaiting arms. “How did he know I was going to fall over?” she thought. “It’s like he was waiting for it.”

“There, there” he said as he lifted her to her feet while opening the back seat door. “Just relax and I will take care of you.” The last thing she remembered was the warmth of a single tear running down her cheek and then the darkness washed over her.

Now…she was here, wherever here was. Being carried like a rag doll in a strange man’s arms. She began to smell a light musky fragrance. “What was that?” she thought “its sandalwood, it has to be!” Then she felt her body being lowered onto a bed.

The cool, crisp bedding gave to her bodies’ weight. She could see soft flickering light through her eyelids. “Candles, he lit candles! What kind of madman is this? What the hell is he going to do to me?” The panicked feeling came flooding back to her. Then she felt his fingers starting to tug at the buttons on her blouse.

One by one he unbuttoned them as if he enjoyed the painstaking manor in which they sprang apart. She could feel her chest slowly rising and falling as he bared her flesh to the night air. So gently, almost lovingly removing each item of clothing until her naked body lay before him. “Now that didn’t hurt did it?” he said as he caressed her cheek. “I will be right back love” he said as he turned his back to her.

She followed the sound of his feet across the room and then heard the click of a record player being turned on. The low hum of the turntable spinning buzzed through her head followed by the sound of the needle dropping hastily, skipping over the grooves. The sound seemed to fill the quiet room instantly. A deep soulful voice sang out to the night. “Is this Ella?” she thought. Then she felt his hand brush her hair and his warm breath on her forehead as his lips pressed down on her skin. Then once again her body was being lifted. Her skin pressed against his silk shirt and as if her body was rebelling against her, she felt her nipples begin to rise.

“What the fuck is this!” she thought “Why is this happening to me?” Again another tear fell down her cheek only to be brushed away by this man. “This monster,” she thought “What did I ever do to him? I wasn’t rude, I didn’t brush him off like he was some third rate citizen. Why me?” Just then she felt her body being lowered into the awaiting warmth of a bathtub. “Sandalwood oil… I knew I was right. Ding, ding… Give the lady a prize! What the fuck? Am I losing my mind too! I have to remain focused. If I make it out of here, I have to remember EVERYTHING! If …”

The water was soothing as it wrapped her body in its warmth. He cradled her torso in one arm while gently running a soft sponge along her body with the other. Meticulously following her curves; not missing a single inch of her skin.

“I have been watching you for quite some time now.” he said “I thought I would never get a chance to bring you here. I knew if I didn’t make my move last night I probably wouldn’t have gotten another chance. “

“He’s been watching me!?! Why haven’t I seen him before? Did he just blend himself into the crowd? It could happen I suppose.” Her thoughts started trailing off as if to reach some great realization

“I have dreamed of this moment and to see you out with your friends, drinking and talking to other men.” His grip tightened and began pinching her skin in anger and just as she thought he might crack a rib he let go. “Sorry love, I know it’s not your fault that those men are hitting on you in such a way… Always looking at you with their greedy eyes, they have no right to breathe the same air as you!” She could hear the anger rising in him again “But I do. I will always love you. You never have to worry about me hurting you. And…” he continued “someday you will grow to love me too “

“Someday?” she thought “Someday I will grow to love HIM! I don’t even know this man. For all I know I could be one of the many women he has held captive and tortured. He said there were others right? The prettiest one yet I believe he said. I have to make it out of here. I have to survive this… this lunatic!”

(To be continued)

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