Halls: ‘Tough Love, Soft Love’

  1. The visual effects used defined the location of the commercial in a bedroom. The camera is at the position where his head would be, and he’s looking down at his legs in the blanket. There are windows with curtains and dresser in the ‘soft conscience’ room, and dark walls with no curtains on the window or dresser in the ‘cool conscience’ room.
  2. The sound effects used to define action in this commercial is a ‘swish’ sound that is played when the camera switches from the two characters, ‘cool’ and ‘soft.’ There was a breeze noise in the ‘soft’ room as the curtains gently moved.
  3. The format is a problem resolution commercial.
  4. A man is lying in his bed with a cough. Two characters appear on either side of him,‘cool’ guy and ‘soft’ guy. The soft guy is trying to persuade him to use comforting cough drops, while his background is a warm and fuzzy room symbolizing how the cough drops would make his through feel. The ‘cool’ guy is in a dark room with little furniture and he is persuading the man to take cooling cough drops. The camera switches from character to character with their many plots and persuasions to choose their side of the cough drop choice.
  5. The target market of this ad is to adults who have a sore throat.
  6. The benefits of this commercial are that you have the choice of soothing or cooling your throat.
  7. The call to action is to buy either soothing or cooling cough drops.
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