My Affair with Ms. Fear

On many occasions, I encountered Ms. Fear; a lady with great attitude and altitude of knowing that her tempting gorgeousness can serene many throbbing souls. Fed up with these eloping and illusionary encounters, I ventured to go further this time.

Clearing my throat for confidence, I heard myself calling her by name with straight tone and clarity but could not deprive my voice with warmth of a trailing persuasion!

She turned in anticipation but quickly there was a hint of frown. Expectantly, she moved towards me and looked straight in my eyes with a glint of smile acknowledging our sweet encounter. Now, she adjusted her demeanour and said a cold hi. Without missing a beat, I Challenged her that though I have seen and felt her closely on many occasions, now is the only time I saw her real. Explain the mystery, I pleaded!

Amidst thundering laughter, she exclaimed that I am more unreal than real and to be specific nine times out of ten! My unreal existence comes in being with father IF and the moment any innocent person like you gets entangled with my father, my mother Then takes over and starts an entwined dialogue of heaven and hell consequences. An innocent person gets completely drawn with my seductive analytical parents and makes a big monstrous real person out of me. And not only that, you have also coined a beautiful name Fear for me! Huh Ms. Fear! What can I do?!

She was now easing in a chair nearby and in a thoughtful gesture continued with her wisdom streak…you know, realising that its your stupid imagination where your Self gets tormented with this illusion, I have kept a secret promise to myself that the moment there will be a sun shine of your Intellect, I will vaporise and turn to a thin cloud and go away. Not only that, if you will work with the Warmth of love and benefit for the Others, it would be enough heat to melt my existence. Not the least, being hyper sensitive and always living in comfort of illusion and thoughts, any Action drives me miles away!

She stood up looking straight in my eyes with a hint that our meeting is over and now its time for her to depart. Perplexed, I chased her in my lamenting trailing voice…then why you simply don’t go away once and for all. Why engage the Intellect; why care for the warmth; why drive to action and so why trouble the world with all these?!

With a long cold sigh which I could feel, she confronted me…do you like me or loath me? Which one is true? I recollected myself as though trying to get my consciousness back and could only gather a faint smile and purring…Both!

She raised her one eyebrow with a quizzical smile and opined that’s a political answer…cant for God sake you be honest! Ok this apart… do you want to befriend me? I fumbled for an answer but my intellect came to my rescue. Yes, yes…I can…I can… if you promise that your parents If and Then will not stay with us and will seldom come just to enquire our well-being.

Her gracious smile engulfed and in her sweet voice she said my parents being very mature that’s hardly a bother and extended her delicate hand for friendship.

A flash run through my mind that enough of this Ms. Fear coming and going illusion now, I must grab this life time opportunity and slowly I found my hand stretching for this friendship with responsibility downing at me that from now onwards Ms. Fear will ever be with me.

Lo and behold the moment my hand touched hers, she became invisible and I could hear just a sweet whisper…hey dear the moment a great person like you befriends me then onwards I do not remain mystery for him. My existences is just to benefit human kind and help grow and the moment a person befriend me he realizes this.

Asking for my existence is no more a right question…live your life.

Warm sun-rays falling on my face were now cajoling me to wake up!

Was it a dream? This beautiful lady…??

Knowing it’s a wrong question, I headed to freshen up.

Now I was not the same me.

Friendship grace shined on my beaming face!

My wife smiled as to acknowledge the dreamy affair and some how suggesting of an approval!!!

Soul Bliss!