Automating Laravel Homestead On Windows
Vince Mitchell

Thanks for the write up Vince. It’s useful to see an up to date step by step for getting started with homestead.

As you mentioned you couldn’t get Valet working, I’d highly recommend checking out Laragon (looks like I’ve already been beaten to it). Although I haven’t used Valet, after reading about the features it offers it appears Laragon offers very similar functionality and more. On top of that it is under going active development since I’ve been using it, new features are added regularly and support in the forum is great.

You mentioned you experienced DNS issues at work with the Valet fork on Windows. Although I don’t know your exact issues I had some DNS related issues when using Laragon as they use a proxy at my workplace which I managed to overcome through tinkering with chrome settings. If you happen to run into those issues again do give me a shout.

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