You Do Not Have To Be Patriotic! (And Other Fun Takeaways from the Kaepernick Kerfuffle)
Nathan Rabin

I am a Muslim American (White). I choose to live in America, because I wanted to live in a country where I can descent for the cause I seem to be right, even if I am wrong. Because I wanted to marry accordingly with my Muslim believes and take my kids to the Muslim School and give them an education suited for them. I didn’t come here to stand up when National Anthem is playing, I didn’t come here to indoctrinate my kids and worship American Flag. (I was born in Soviet Union where all forms of indoctrination were exceeding human imagination). We Muslim people, Worship Creator (Eternal, All mighty and Forever living) not a creation.

Please do not underestimate my thought, Freedom is God given Right, and not the right given by any president, country, political party, conviction and constitution.

Author of the article used his “freedom of speech right”, it was kind of ruff, but he said in harsh language what all non-white and perhaps some white people are agreed with, especially when Trump began running for president.

Moreover, professional American football player expressed his right to be seated and disrespect American Anthem. Again, we have a right to speak wrong and right to disrespect in the United States.

One of respondents expressed his view, that America is threaten by Muslims. Listen, when you generalize all Muslims, consider these:do you know that Republic of Turkey %99 Muslim country is a NATO ally. Do you know, I pay taxes and my country wages unjust wars and kills Muslim people like flies. And please do not tell me about 9/11. The history didn’t begin on this date.

My mother has a green card and visits us every year to stay for couple month. I was a Republican, but after Trump said that he will prohibit to all Muslims coming to US,not anymore. How did it even came to his mind to say such a thing? He is a hater of 1.5 billion Muslim People including me, my daughter Shirin, my son Ali, my wife Olga, my sister Leila and my mother Tajiba.

Football player disrespected American Flag (piece of rag probably made in China) and Anthem (thank you for enlightenment by author a former slave holder). And Trump disrespects my family and 1.5 Billion Muslim People. Wow on him. He is a Greatest Hater.

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