Dynamic queries using NHibernate with the help of C# expression trees

Jussi Haapanen
Feb 4, 2017 · 4 min read
// NHibernate entities are stored in a single assembly 
// Get all classes from the assembly that MyClass is in
var entities = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(MyClass))
.Where(x => x.IsClass)
// Input from user
var objectTypeName = "MyClass";
// See if the type actually exists
var objectType = entities
.SingleOrDefault(x => x.FullName.Split('.').Last() == objectTypeName);
// Check if object type was actually found
if (objectType == null) {
// Input isn't valid
throw ...
// We need to fetch as "object" as we do not know the type
// compile time.
// We'll pass the object type name as a parameter to tell NHibernate
// what the type actually is.
// NHibernate session should be opened before
var objects = session.Query<object>(objectType.FullName);
// An object taken from the result set from a session.Query call
var someObject = objects.FirstOrDefault();
// Read the value of someObject.SomeProperty
var value = objectType
.GetValue(someObject, null);
var item = Expression.Parameter(typeof(object), "item");// Where(item => item.SomeProperty)
var property = Expression.Property(item, "SomeProperty");
// Where(item => item.SomeProperty.Contains)
var containsMethod = typeof(string)
.GetMethod("Contains", new[]{typeof(string));
// What we're searching for (e.g. SomeProperty.Contains("foo"))
var searchExpression = Expression.Constant("foo", typeof(string));
// Call the "Contains" method for the "SomeProperty" with
// searchExpression as the constant to compare with
var methodExpression = Expression
.Call(property, containsMethod, searchExpression);
// Create a lambda to use inside the where call
var lambda = Expression.Lambda<Func<object, bool>>(methodExpression, item);
// Do the query with the expression
var objects = session
// Where(item => item.SomeProperty)
var property = Expression
.Property(Expression.Convert(item, objectType),
// Declare the parameter we're accessing
var item = Expression.Parameter(typeof(object), "item");
// Where(item => item)
var property = Expression
Expression.Convert(item, objectType),
// Where(item => item.Contains)
var containsMethod = typeof(string)
.GetMethod("Contains", new[] {typeof(string)});
// Where(item => item.Contains("foo"))
var searchExpression = Expression.Constant("foo", typeof(string));
// Call the "Contains" method for the "SomeProperty"
var methodExpression = Expression
.Call(property, method, searchExpression);
// Wrap the method into a lambda
var lambda = Expression
.Lambda<Func<object, bool>>(methodExpression, item);
// Do the NHibernate search with the lambda
var result = session.Query<object>(objectType.FullName)

Jussi Haapanen

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Software Designer at Wapice Ltd

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