Indian Women Speak Out About Choosing Not To Have Children

By Revati Upadhya

In many Indian homes, the intensely personal decision to have a child is not limited to the space between spouses, and certainly not to women alone. …

Artist Illustrates Tinder-Dating In India

By Revati Upadhya

As an Indian woman, Tinder fascinates me. The dating app’s shopping-meets-hook-up-experience premise is a strong departure from the traditional Indian mindset toward finding a partner — a pursuit that is only ever meant to end in marriage, and which does not typically…

Myths And Taboos Silence Menstruating Women In India

By Revati Upadhya

I was 13 when I got my first period. Locked up in a bathroom stall in my school in Bangalore, India, staring down at my blood-blotted underwear, a wave of inexplicable shame swept over me. My mother had already…

In a few days I will close in on my 6th wedding anniversary. Personally it feels like we only just got married, fresh as new. But going by the typical graph of an Indian married couple, we’re too old. And we haven’t ticked off the right boxes as far as…

Revati Upadhya

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