Managing Incidents in Slack Teams

Conclude is on a mission to help growing organizations stay nimble. A little over a year ago we released a bot for Slack that helps teams achieve this goal by streamlining their decision-making.

Conclude quickly became one of the more popular bots for Slack teams and was installed by more than 4,000 organizations worldwide.

As teams adopted Conclude, we discussed plans to develop the product and reached out for feedback from our users. We quickly found teams were using Conclude for a variety of issues beyond decision-making. One user said:

“While Conclude is probably great for making better decisions faster, we use it to bring people together to solve urgent issues. My job is to handle things when small and big disasters happen, and make sure the right people get involved in solving them and that we get a quick resolution.”

Returning to our mission to help growing organizations remain agile, we reconfirmed Slack already provides a fantastic messaging tool that replaces email and shines in addressing daily operational communication. Yet urgent issues are easily lost in the noise of everyday operational chatter.

Many conversations over the past year gave us a deeper understanding of Conclude user needs on Slack. We decided to make a major change in Conclude. Call it a pivot.

Maintaining our initial assumptions, we’re taking user feedback to expand Conclude beyond decision-making. We decided to retire /propose and introduce /raise to bring up and tackle any issue that requires special attention.

Here’s an example: A large customer reports they cannot access your company’s booking service. After confirming the problem, you raise the issue with Conclude in your team’s #devops channel:

Your devops colleagues Aaron and Sue will be notified immediately that there’s a message for them in Slack. Conclude points them to a dedicated channel that was created just for this incident. Aaron and Sue use this special channel to find and fix the problem. Sue closes the incident 10 minutes later:

The conclusion is shared in the original #devops channel and the incident channel is archived.

Conclude is all about raising issues to the attention of your team, creating engagement, and helping the team to drive issues to conclusion. Introducing /raise is a major semantic change of Conclude that will help your team address small and big disasters in addition to decision-making.

Imagine all the different ways teams use Conclude.

In development:

When closing sales:

In public relations:

And even when exploring space:

Learn more at and feel free to drop us a line at if you have comments or want to share how your team deals with issues and emergencies.

Happy raising!