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Computer “intelligence” is a misnomer; computers do not think in the way people do. For starters, computers are incapable of understanding our language. In the philosophy scenario, The Chinese Room, a person is in a room with only a book of the Chinese alphabet and a box of question responses written in Chinese. On one end of the room, someone drops in a question written in Chinese and the person in the room would find that question in the book and give the corresponding response to that question. The person in the room does not understand Chinese. This is the scenario presented to us in The Chinese Room. The person in the room isn’t actually fluent in Chinese; they are simply generating responses that happen to answer the questions people submit. This is much like how a computer works; the computer doesn’t understand the language that is being typed in it, it is just giving responses based on its “book.” Secondly, computers are programmed by humans. Humans give computers coding, which in the Chinese Room scenario, would be the book of Chinese letters. The computer is not coming up with its own answers; it is simply taking from the knowledge it was given and using that knowledge to give an acceptable answer. Finally, a computer saying the correct answers does not mean that the computer is producing the correct answer, but they aren’t putting any thought into their answer. A computer gives the correct answer to any question you might have, but that does not mean that the computer is truly thinking. The computer is just choosing answers it has stored and displaying them to the person asking the question. In conclusion, computers do not have “intelligence” as we define it. They are simply using their “book of Chinese letters” to give us the correct answer to our inquiries.

People have a moral responsibility to helping animals in need, even if it means giving up meat and animal products. To begin with, animals feel pain. Animals are much like humans in the sense that they feel pain just like we do. Despite this, they are still subjected to a form of torture in order to be food for human beings. They are genetically modified for our benefit, and they are treated like they have no feelings. Secondly, humans do not need meat in order to survive. Many people in the world are vegetarian or vegan, and they are perfectly healthy. We can survive without meat. There are plenty of other sources for us to get protein. In a way, we are killing them only for the pleasure of eating McDonald’s burgers. When animals are mistreated for human consumption, they are losing their lives for something that is not necessary. Third and finally, animals do not understand why this is happening to them. It is very traumatizing and scary for them. They lack the advanced thought processes a human possesses. They are simple creatures. They only know that they are being harmed. Why do we condemn them to this for no other reason than our want? Animals are creatures of this world just like we are, but many of them are treated horribly for our consumption. They are brought into the world just for the sake of food, but they deserve just as much happiness as we do. How would you like it if you were tortured for someone else’s benefit?

John Rawls’s theory of justice is a convincing argument for creating a more just society in America. First, all would have equal chances. In John Rawls’s example, we would all have an equal opportunity at success. In this new world, everyone would have an equal shot at everything, there would be no jealousy, and therefore, people would be happier. Secondly, those who became successful would have to share what they have . Poverty would be eliminated from the world under this example. The more successful an individual became, the more they would share with everyone else. Everyone in the world could provide for themselves. In this world, the rich would provide the poor with enough money to be happy and healthy. This would raise our survival rates, and would most likely lower violence. Third, everyone could obtain their goals. In our current world, a person has to be rich to get the best of everything. Under this theory, this would not be an issue. It is extremely difficult to be able to get terrific education without money. If this idyllic world would become reality, money wouldn’t be a huge issue for those who were less fortunate . In conclusion, John Rawls’s theory would leave us all healthier and happier. We would be less jealous, and there would be less violence.