Unit 5

This section presented three different types of societies: Preindustrial, Industrial and Postindustrial. Out of all of these, I would choose to live in a preindustrial society. The society we live in today is convenient and centered around information systems and technology and I think that has the potential to swallow people up and people are less creative and innovative.

An agricultural society really speaks to me due to the fact that a person develops real skills in order to provide for his or herself. Growing and harvesting my own crops for food is appealing to me. Yes there is less instant gratification but it would be more fulfilling for me to see my hard work pay off over time. I work for a former amish family throughout the year and I have spent countless hours haying fields with horses and driving teams of horses all day long in the dead of winter. It is a lot of literal blood, sweat and tears but it is very satisfying. Once the hay is put up, the money flows in and when your horses are stronger and broke a little more, it makes the blood, sweat and tears worth it. I wouldn’t want to part with electricity, heat and running water but technology is more advanced than I like sometimes. I feel that we are becoming more distant from our self sufficient, hardy past.

According to the text book, alienation “refers to the condition in which the individual is isolated and divorced from his or her society, work, or the sense of self”(OpenStax College (2015). Introduction to Sociology (2nd Edition). Houston, TX: Rice University). After reading all four types of alienation described by Karl Marx, I wasn’t sure which one I really identified with. I work in a print shop and generally speaking I like it. Out of all four, I relate the most to “alienation of one’s self” which means “loss of connectivity between a worker and her occupation”(Marx, OpenStax College (2015). Introduction to Sociology (2nd Edition). Houston, TX: Rice University). There is a set routine everyday and the process of completing tasks does not change but there is no room for creativity. I don’t take pride in working in a print shop because it is not that interesting and the final product just comes out of the machine after I click print. Along with my other coworkers, we are just moving parts in the machine and it is a struggle at times to remain happy and cheerful.

In my life, my ascribed statuses include: daughter, sister and oldest child and grandchild. With that said, there is a lot of responsibility on my shoulders that comes along with those ascribed statuses. The achieved statuses that occupy my life include: college student, girlfriend and employee. I chose to pursue a college education, I wanted to be in a relationship and it was my ultimate choice to apply for a job.