Habeas Corp. was built so lawyers could get approached by employers about new opportunities — even when they’re not actively looking.

In a survey on Above the Law last year, 75% of millennial lawyers at firms reported being open to new opportunities.

Just under 25% of lawyers reported that they were actively looking. More than 50% of lawyers said they were “open” to new opportunities, even if they weren’t taking steps to look for new jobs.

Active job-seekers can always turn to headhunters for help(however aggravating that may be). But the larger group of passively-browsing lawyers is totally underserved by today’s recruiting infrastructure. Headhunters are not in the business of helping lawyers learn about the market before they’re ready to move…

by Micah Springut

Headhunters are the default way associates find lateral jobs today; they’re also a persistent source of aggravation to lawyers. They cold call relentlessly based on job listings they’ve usually just pulled from a firm’s website; they rarely have credible, detailed information on opportunities; their ties with firms are often weak; and they’re not very useful for in-house searches. In surveys, associates say headhunters are of little value, ill-informed, and sometimes disingenuous.

Having founded a leading recruiting company, I’ve seen the industry up close and know that not all headhunters are bad. There are some really good ones…

Habeas Corp.

Habeas Corp. lets lawyers skip the middleman and connect directly with law firms and companies looking to hire.

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