The education system Africa needs…
Femi Longe

Great questions.

I believe that when the right questions are asked, they set us on the path to solve them. I have always been saddened by our pitiable educational system and how religiously people still cling to it.

A country is as good as its educational system. While our teaching methods are quite outdated, our curriculums are not evolving at the right pace, not particularly to meet global demands, but more to realign the local systems for growth.

My friends and I started an edtech company( that has required us to comb through the educational sector. We not only found out several redundancies that both students and teachers are aware of, but more the resistance to a change for the better. And this affects the tertiary institutions, and subsequently the kind of people who graduate from them. These are the people who hold important positions and churn out from what they have learnt. You can’t give what you don’t have. It ensures we are locked in a vicious cycle spun around a weak educational system.

I agree that we need ask the right questions. And more, we need to take the right steps, however little.

Our question at LLH has been, how can we use technology to create a better educational system that moves Africa forward?