Nutter Better?

It’s been a long-ass time since I’ve posted. You know I’ve been working on the [Tinder] album, and “Asahd” has been occupying my life, but thank you for the patience. Luckily for me, I’ve stayed busy, with my brother’s wedding followed up by awesome times with the fam from India in NYC and Niagara. #FamLuv.


Luckily for you, here’s another recipe. #AnotherOne. Speaking of Fam, Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters. Make this recipe for a fast-breaking treat in a couple weeks!

Ok, so if you’re reading this post, you might be ok with self-recognizing as a “Fat Kid”. Everybody that I know who is/was a little bigger like me growing up seems to be comfortable with this moniker, especially when used amongst each other. But let’s also be honest, we’re ALL fat kids at some point. Everybody has a favorite dessert, a favorite ice cream or cookie flavor, and most of all, a favorite GUILTY PLEASURE.

We’re gonna make ‘em with REAL “real” peanut butter.

For me, it was Nutter Butters. Those delicious peanut butter flavored sandwich cookies that also came in somewhat exclusive packaging made you feel like you were doing something so sinful and expensive. Why do you think it took me so long to type up this post? Just typing that sentence required a lot of focus and discipline. #CheatersLose #DontLose

Alright, you know how it is with me, let’s get to the point. Minimal ingredients, minimal prep, maximum flavor and satisfaction. I know cookies are essentially thrown out of the Keto cookbook, but I have been pretty successful making almond flour-based cookies for about 2g each, which is fantastic for a dessert. On that note, let me shout to to my friend Laura Housley, who wrote this awesome post about her experience with Keto. She mentioned how she treats fake sugar like real sugar for people who are trying to limit it. GREAT IDEA. #YouASuperStarLaura. We want to make sure we don’t succumb to they, so let’s try to minimize our interactions with fake they, no?

That being said, remember this blog is mostly about adapting things that are non-keto-frien dly, so it’s mostly treats and “cheats”. I accept the challenge and can’t wait any longer, so onto the Keto Nutter Butters recipe. Can’t wait till June 23rd for this one…

Cookie Ingredients:

3 tbsp melted peanut butter (microwave it for like 30 seconds)
3 tbsp softened butter
4 tbsp erythritol (preferably powdered in a coffee grinder, but totally fine raw if you don’t mind sugar crunch in your cookies)
1.5 cups almond flour

Filling Ingredients:

1/2 cup peanut butter
1 tbsp erythritol (powdered, if possible)
dash of salt
1 ziplock bag


  1. Mix all the cookie ingredients together with a fork, wet ingredients first, then slowly adding almond flour. Should make a dry, shortbread-like batter as shown above with most steps.
  2. Form 16 equal-diameter balls of cookie dough and flatten into ovals about 3 inches long. Add love handles to form into peanut-shaped cookies. Make ‘em feel the love.
  3. Use the tines of a fork to make the cookies look even more like a Nutter Butter. You either know what I’m talking about or you don’t and it really doesn’t affect the taste, so don’t waste time. #timeismoney
  4. Bake in oven for 10 minutes at 350F.
  5. LET THEM COOL 20 MINUTES. You should be used to letting THEY chill, so this step is easy. Maybe enjoy a Keto margarita while you’re waiting…
  6. While the cookies are cooling, combine the filling ingredients in a bowl and scoop into a ziplock bag. Then, cut a small, small corner off the bag to use as an easy-icing mechanism. You can squeeze the filling down to this corner for easy piped icing.
  7. Pair up even-size cookies and squeeze some PB filling onto each cookie in a figure-8 pattern that fills the space. Start with 8 cookie-halves, one of each pair. Then, use the remaining filling for the complement cookies so that you don’t run out #DontPlayYourself
  8. Make some sandwiches of the iced cookie-halves and throw them in the fridge. You want to eat these once they are solid, maybe with some Keto ice cream???

P.S. I made double double the filling and realized I didn’t need nearly that much. The recipe reflects only single double stuffing but the pictures do not. Each cookie has about 4–5g of carbs double stuffed like this. You could easily get down to 3–4g per cookie if you used less filling which is more authentic anyway. Also, if you’re doing Keto right, there’s no way you would want more than one of these. I usually eat half of one for “dessert”. One regular nutter butter cookie is 9g of carbs 😎