Khudi and Self Learning

Part 1: Edhi Sb reading

Abdul Sattar Edhi, a well-known Person who is most appreciated personality in Pakistan. He is recognized as “Angel of Mercy”. His life is full of examples to be followed. From his childhood, He thought like Man of Action and Acted like Man of thought. He used all the Amal’s principles of progress in different aspect of his life.

I wanted to quote Edhi sb that example in which he Start at working at Seth Abdullah Shop. He started doing Amal, He earned 5 rupees from this shop and give 4 rupees to his mother and the remaining he save in cupboard. Edhi sb maintained the accounts of tea and collected the Seth’s son from school for which he got tips and he used to save it for helping the needy ones. In this example, it is clear that Edhi sb work hard just as #kamkamkam and #amal as clear that he has used the Amal’s Principles of Progress.

The above experience of Edhi Sb Is just related to my Academy Teaching. Last year, I was studying in the 4th semester of BBA and unfortunately, I was jobless, my parents force me to do some part time work to afford your university expenses but I couldn’t do anything, I just wasted time through excuses, then one day I realized I must work and earn money to bear my expense, then I decided to go to Academies and should start teaching. Eventually, I started Amal, through self-confidence and go for Interview, by the grace of Almighty Allah, I had been selected for teaching and start earning. After one month when I got salary, I handed over to my father. That day was awesome for me.

Part 2 #juststart Project

I want to Improve English Language whether verbal or written from a long time but afraid to speak in front of people. Because English language is become International Language and I must know about it, how to listen and how to speak well. In Pakistan English is an official language and becomes a crying need almost in all important fields of life like banking, law, commerce etc.

In start of my early education e.g. nursery I had started studying the subject of English till the university level, but the main problem is that I am unable to communicate well in English. I think there are several reasons behind this, I faced different types of difficulties in achieving this goal like I feel hesitation in front of people or I was least confident. And my friends make fun of me while I was start speaking. But now I am confident enough to speak English in any kind of peoples.

Through this task, I have learned a lot of new things, firstly learning or speaking English not tough. I think our hesitation or least confidence is the biggest hurdle between this. I suggest everybody, if they wanted to speak English or any other language just start speaking one day they will be succeeded. Once my Teacher Mr. Zubair (Zac) told me “if you don’t know something or afraid of doing, just become teacher and start teaching”. Now, I want to teach others who even don’t know how to learn or how to speak English language, through this I’ll be able enough to improve others English as well as myself.

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