Technology in Lebanese private schools can help students better prepare for university

The prevalence of technology lead private schools in Lebanon to introduce tablets, smart-boards, and computers into the classrooms, that can serve as a gateway to facilitating the intake of information a student gets.

Broumana High School is a one of those private schools, it has dynamic policies that adjust according to the advancement of technology and academics in the world.

Computers at the school are now installed in the office of every department, as well the offices of the Head of Sections.

The school allows students to use the computers to access their emails, as well as other kinds of research.

Chadi Nakhle, head of high school, believes that technology contributes to the improvement of a school.

“Technology is there to serve the goals of education” said Nakhle. “With the new technologies you have nowadays, it is helpful to have them in classrooms, soon you might even have virtual classrooms!”

Students use their own tablets during class, and are not distracted by them when doing so. The school has worked to put technology into to good use and minimizing the negative outcomes of technology such as distraction.
Two students working on their research papers in the media center. This part of the media center was filled with Model United Nations delegates preparing for their Final Conference during their break time.

“Technology makes everything easier, so when students have easy access to information, they are more motivated to learn,” added Nakhle. “Allowing them to be better prepared for university as they have a lot of information at their fingertips.”

Nine out of 10 students believe that using technology in the classrooms helps them with their studies according to a study done by IT Trade Association CompTIA.

During break time, the students have the freedom to use the school’s computers. Moreover, they are allowed to bring their own laptops and tablets and use them in the library.

The school has introduced smart boards in all the classes. Teachers often conduct their classes using the smart boards, and they do so in the computer labs.

Gina Merhy. economics teacher, conducts her classes in the computer lab. She uses the smart board to explain her lessons while students use their computers to take notes and search.

Technology is not the only thing BHS does in order to improve. The school emphases soft skills more than anything else.

“The school has 30 clubs, as well as the Model United Nations club” said Nancy Kazan, geography teacher. “We also have the prefect system, that allows students to take on certain types of responsibilities and help out their teachers and classmates.”

“Being in a private school, especially BHS, allows us to express ourselves” said Bana Husseini, a student at BHS. “The fact that we have no uniform is great for showing who we are through our clothing.”

Private schools in Lebanon accommodate most of the population’s need for education, according to Lebanon’s educational sector overview.

Technology is not the only thing private schools like BHS have to facilitate students’ education process.

The school also has its own tuck-shop that can provide snacks and food for the students. As part of the student council efforts, the students were able to introduce salads in the shop rather than just chips and chocolate.

But, the middle schoolers almost always prefer to eat chips during their break time.

The school has a small store that sells snacks. Raed Salem, is the person in charge on the tuck-shop.
A middle schooler, during her break time, eating her favourite snack (cheese puffs).

Students exposed to arts, drawing, drama and other type of fine arts showed more competence in reading, writing and maths, according to a 2002 report by the Arts Education Partnership.

Students have the choice to take art classes learning about pottery, oil paint, and water colours.