22 without a Clue on what to do

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This summer has been an interesting ride. I traveled. Rode my bike. Walked. A lot. It was during these pressing times that I sought God more than ever before. I journaled and went to different places. I went to different churches. Places. I got in fights. I cried. I reconnected with old friends and I also dabbled in photography/video. I also tried to buy a ticket to Brazil (which was interestingly blocked , sorry Lucia).

I spent my summer capturing photos with all types of people from Brazil, Boston, Canada and many more.

There is this underlying pressure of doing something immediately after graduation — which I believe is unrealistic and unfair. In this job market, it will take time to find something. Not always, but more often than not I have had people (who are currently employed) tell me that it took them anywhere from a couple of months to a year to find a steady job. Or there was a contractual position that eventually turned into a full-time career. I have had the extreme blessing of not having any student — debt, so that has removed a lot of stress from me.

It does get discouraging sending dozens of applications, networking, knocking on heaven’s door…and not getting the slightest response. However, at the right moment — something will open. It has to. So my advice to myself and other millennials is to have fun with it. Don’t rush and overwhelm yourself with meeting society’s barometer of success. Life often does not go the way we envisioned — there are often interceptions and curve balls that you did not anticipate to occur. Your willingness to withstand those curve balls and keep on going is what differentiates the successful people from the unsuccessful people. Every failed experience is an opportunity to learn something you did not know before. Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback. (I sound really cliche right now which I blame on Rocky).