My mom visiting me in the 4th grade. My mom battled with schizophrenia and I lived with her until the age of 5.

This was piece was written last year for Day of Action for the group Aspiring Leaders based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada :

Not being with mom

I saw you mom

In different people

I saw you mom in Luna

Who taught me how to be polite and say my please and thank yous

I saw you mom in Ms.Mason

Whose bright blued eyes made it a joy to attend class

Whose goodbye gifts when I moved left me with a cheery heart

I saw you mom in Bailey

The older girl who watched over me in camp

I saw you mom in Marie

The lady who would give me rides to church

And take me and your daughter to all these events

I saw you mom

In Sister Debra

Whose love and perseverance sustained me

I saw you mom

In Sandra

Who grew with me

And made me feel like the I was the only one who mattered

I saw you mom in Monica

Who saw something in me that I did not quite see in myself

I saw you mom in Silvana

Who celebrated my successes

I saw you mom in Evelyn who

Made me treasure the light that I carried and encouraged my walk with God

I saw you mom in Jennifer

Who encouraged me to be tenacious and assertive

I saw you mom…