Andela boot camp so far from my experience has being a place populated with lots of interesting people. People who are interesting technically and also with great people skills, I thought I was weirdly Interesting, but I met many people who took weirdness to a whole new level. Is a hard called to pick just three, top of the list will be Tobi Adesanya, Nsikak Awak both of whom are from my group, and Dayo Adebola forms another group.
Let me start from Dayo Adebola, very interesting dude and weird too, seem very quiet, but when you engage him in a conversation you will be surprised at how much he has to say that you will be the person begging or wanting an out from the conversation. I once asked him what do you do besides coding, He said “I watch Chelsea matches”, so I said, “So you are a Chelsea fan?” , he said “No! Am just sympathetic toward Chelsea”, that’s one of the funniest statement I’ve heard so far in boot camp. Technically he is good, he learns fast, he will rather not do something than doing it halfway. He is from Ogun state but has lived all his life in Lagos, and he is unmarried.
Second Nsikak Awak a native of Akwa Ibom state, who has lived In Akwa Ibom all his Life. Is a very principled guy, Has time for everything, when he wants to chit chat, he can be the funniest, guy, you want around you, but don’t go around him when he is coding, especially when he is having errors. he is unmarried and a very good front-end developer.
Tobi Adesanya, to be honest when I first made contact with him, I thought very little of him, but right now I consider Him a friend, which is a lot to say after just 3 days of being around someone. He is very vocal with a Rich vocabulary, lived all his life in Lagos, did his masters in the UK. He is technically good and a first learner, he learns mocha and chai on the first day of the boot camp within a very short time which is kind of awesome. But his technical skills are nothing compared to his soft skills. When boot camp email was sent, he was the first to reach out to me.One of the unique things about him Is, he can be chatting with you and at the same time so engrossed in his work, he always sees the bigger picture in all situation.

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