Aren’t we all on a blindfolded journey? Playing our guessing games our whole life in deciding where to go. We try to be logical, yet, how can you be logical when your eyes shut. Then, we hear voices of others so we know where they are heading. Some of us follow, yet some of us don’t.


Who’s to say which way is right. As all I know the chance we’re getting lost is the same as we are not.

Who’s to say we are being stubborn for choosing what we chose. For all I know the chance they could be stubborn for saying we are wrong is the same as they could not.

And truth is what it is, that none of us has the capabilities of predicting future, whatsoever.

I imagine we are all in the middle of our own ocean without any kind of direction tools. None of the islands visible, even so, we all imagine what kind of island we’ll end up to. We draw pictures in our heads of all those luxury that we have yet to have on this dry ocean. And, all of those images make us more starving, thirsty, and frustrated. Hence, we desperately wish that this ship sails faster.

But, it’s not about the pace. What’s the point of rushing into somewhere wrong? It’s about the direction, after all. Yet, we are blinded. Everything is the same in this wide ocean. We may fell on our knees knowing that we know nothing. That every energy we put to sail this might be meaningless after all.

Sometimes we are able to commit our selves. To just hit it, and go on. But, sometimes the thought creeps in and we lose every ounce of our optimism.

Sometimes we are a seafarer, sometimes we are simply a person lost in the sea.

Then we make peace, that starting now, we made our own luck.

So, we started to make friends with many. We whistle along with the wind. We dance along with the heat. We commit to the sun. We daydream with the stars. We talk to the magpies. We swim with the fishes. And, in the end, maybe. Just, maybe. We’ll get a tiny little clue of where we should be heading.

Because, all of us aching for that little whisper to tell us that we are on the right path.

But, in reality no such thing as the whisper. All there are? faith and yourself.

And, everyone who believes in you.

So, we’ll get there, just go on. Tire your feet, not your heart.

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